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Herb’s Guide To Buying THCV

How can you benefit from THCV? Created with Spyglass Wellness.

You might have heard of the latest cannabinoid in cannabis news, and we want to help you understand the many benefits that come from using THCV and find trusted retailers that sell the compound.

Although studies are preliminary, evidence proves that it’s not only safe to use, but there are no major side effects of the cannabinoid that’s referred to as THC on speed.

That said, we encourage you to speak with healthcare professionals before beginning your ventures with THCV.

According to an insider at Spyglass Wellness, they said the availability of THCV and CBDV is “very limited,” adding that there are only a “limited number of plants” available that produce “viable quantities” of this cannabinoid.

It’s allegedly difficult to grow low-yielding plants, meaning that the rare cannabinoid is rather expensive. 

Photo courtesy of Spyglass Wellness

Now we see companies isolating THCV from plants and infusing it into manufactured retail products like THCV tinctures and edibles.

We encourage you to begin your THCV ventures with the most trusted product on the market, Spyglass Wellness’ Lingua THCV+ Tincture.

We can vouch that this product is one of the hottest THCV products on the market for a reason. 

Because the product comes in regular and maximum strength, this allows the user to navigate what they’re most comfortable with and work their way up.

Although studies and research are preliminary, consumer habits are changing the way we view THCV because of its high demand. 

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At this point, you might be asking what benefits to expect when using THCV.

First and foremost, THCV is known to be an appetite suppressant. So if you’re looking to get a buzz without those starved munchies, THCV is your best bet. It’s also ideal for consumers focused on weight loss.

According to Spyglass Wellness, studies show that THCV can regulate blood sugar and reduce insulin resistance, making it beneficial for those with diabetes.

In terms of mental health, regular use of THCV may reduce panic attacks as it’s been shown to benefit patients with anxiety without suppressing their emotions.

In more specific and exciting news, studies show that THCV may help with Alzheimer’s by improving tremors, motor control, and brain lesions linked to Alzheimer’s.

Finally, other studies demonstrate that THCV is a powerful aid for alleviating osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions.

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