How to Add Hemp Seeds to Your Diet

Increasing your hemp seed consumption may just be one of the best things you can do for your diet. Here’s 8 ways to get you started on that path.

Sure, these little seeds may be destined for greatness in the form of a glorious crop, but did you know that hemp seeds are also packed full of nutrients? So the next time you’re preparing a meal or a snack to satisfy the munchies, see if you can work some hemp seeds into the mix to instantly boost your nutrient intake.

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8 Ways to Add Hemp Seeds Into Your Diet

By The Stoner's Cookbook

Packed full of nutritional benefits, increasing your hemp seed consumption may just be one of the best things you can do for your diet. Here's 8 ways to get you started on that path.

  • 1. Munch On Them as a Snack

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    When mixed with a little bit of sea salt or even just consumed plain, hemp seeds make for an easy snack food to munch on when cravings hit.

  • 2. Use Them as Sprinkles on Desserts

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    Sub out the same old sprinkles when garnishing your desserts, and add a spoonful of hemp seeds instead. They'll still bring the crunch factor but are actually good for you too.

  • 3. Top Off a Meal with a Handful

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    Whether it's rice or pasta, it's so easy to add a handful of hemp seeds on top of any ready meal. This will immediately increase the nutritional value of your meal without costing you extra time.

  • 4. Substitute or Complement Nuts in Baked Goods

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    Nuts are a favourite addition when baking, but hemp seeds can provide the same level of satisfaction. Add them into your batters, or coat your finished goods with them raw—the options are endless.

  • 5. Use Hemp Oil in Vinaigrettes & Dips

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    Instead of using olive oil for your next salad vinaigrette or dip, opt for hemp oil instead. As hemp oil is prone to instability when warmed, avoid cooking with it and stick to cold preparations.

  • 6. Turn Them Into Hemp Milk

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    Just blend with water to create hemp milk—the preparation is the same as any nut-to-milk recipe. 

  • 7. Blend Them in a Smoothie

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    Blend them into your next smoothie for an additional energy boost. 

  • 8. Toss Them Into Salads

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    Similar to other nuts and seeds, hemp seeds can instantly buff up any salad and make a meal out of them.

September 10, 2014 — Last Updated
Written by HERB

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September 10, 2014 — Last Updated
Written by HERB

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