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Guides | 04.08.2022

How To Detox Your Body From Nicotine

Get back to normal and free yourself of nicotine addiction with these helpful steps.

If you’re trying to lean off nicotine, you’ve landed in the right place to begin that process. It can be incredibly challenging to free yourself of nicotine addiction, especially if you’ve been smoking or vaping for a few years. Worry not, it’s more than possible to quit, and thanks to this guide and some helpful products, that journey doesn’t seem as tedious as it once did.



How to detox your body of Nicotine with these helpful steps

Detoxing from nicotine can be tough but it’s worth it. Below are some tips to get you started.

Stay Hydrated

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As simple as it is, staying hydrated is ideal for getting rid of all the toxins and chemicals produced by years of nicotine addiction. The average amount of water per day for someone quitting smoking should be around 6 to 12 cups. Water not only helps flush those unwanted toxins but also ensures your energy levels remain somewhat balanced.

Change Your Diet

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We understand that quitting nicotine is one thing but changing your diet is another added obstacle. It’s quite normal for someone trying to beat nicotine addiction to start eating more, which is why we hope you make good use of those beneficial antioxidants in leafy green vegetables. Vitamin C in fruit paired with antioxidants in spinach, kale, etc., are great for protecting your lungs from further harm.

Get Active

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This one should be a given. After years of lung damage, you need exercise more than ever to help improve blood circulation and get your lungs functioning normally once again. Ever heard of “sweating it out”? While this could work for an illness like the flu, exercising also helps you sweat out the toxins while simultaneously retraining your lung capacity.

Try A Cleansing Kit

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If you need nicotine out of your system within the next week, look to The company strives to offer individuals an easier detoxification experience through products that effectively cleanse the body from all unwanted toxins. It’s time you reach your personal goal, and is happy to help you get there with products like the 5 Day Nicotine Cleansing Kit.

The kit uses pharmaceutical-grade herbs and vitamins to naturally but powerfully remove the toxins from your system in five days. You must completely stop consuming nicotine during this process.

Additionally, the 5-day kit includes an at-home nicotine test. It is the most sensitive instant home nicotine test available, and it offers the utmost precise results within minutes. The at-home test detects nicotine levels above 50 ng/mL. 

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