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Guides | 01.27.2022

How To Unlock The Flavors Of Cannabis

Earth. Skunk. Sweet. Spice. The flavors of cannabis are unique, complex, and full of surprises. Hoping to unlock the secrets of cannabis flavor? Created with Hitoki.

The future of cannabis is flavor. And no, we don’t mean the artificial kind. For decades, the herb’s primary selling point was the power of its intoxication.

Producing a flower high in THC, with a gleaming trichome coating were the hallmarks of high-quality cannabis.

Now, however, it’s aroma that’s enjoying the spotlight—for good reason.

Check out this guide we made with the folks at Hitoki, creators of the revolutionary Trident, with everything there is to know about unleashing the full flavors of your bud.

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What Gives Cannabis Flavor?

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There’s no denying it—cannabis features some of the most unusual flavor combinations in the plant kingdom. The herb’s aroma is so strong that you can smell it from thirty feet away.

And, for cannabis enthusiasts, this distinct smell is often what makes specific strains more attractive than others. 

The flavor is an absolutely essential component of an enjoyable cannabis plant. 

The many flavors of cannabis come from aromatic molecules called terpenes. Terpenes, however, are not unique to cannabis plants. They’re natural chemicals that provide flavor and fragrance to plant essential oils.

Just like every individual person has their own signature scent, plants produce aromatic bouquets that are unique to them. 

It just so happens that cannabis produces a remarkable number of terpenes—over 200—and in unusual ratios.

The amazing thing about cannabis is that there are so many different strains, all with different terpene profiles. Over 30 different genes are responsible for the unique flavors of cannabis plants, a number comparable to wine. 

Besides, the fact that cannabis strains are so easy to hybridize means that there are potentially limitless combinations of terpene profiles, all slightly different from one another.

How To Unlock The Flavors Of Cannabis

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There’s only one trick to unlocking the flavors of cannabis: controlling your heat.

Cannabis may rival wine, but tapping into the true flavor of the plant is not an easy task. Wine earns its rich flavor by chemicals released during fermentation. The terpenes in cannabis, however, are released via heat. 

This creates a big problem: heat is difficult to control. If you use too much heat, you’ll burn your terpenes. But, if there’s not enough heat, you may not release all of the aromatic compounds.

Either way, you’ve just missed out on the subtle flavors of your strain.

The most common issue that spoils the flavor of your cannabis is overheating. With flower, you only need to hold a lighter to the cannabis long enough to light up a cherry, whereas most people will hold a lighter to the flower throughout their hit.

The same concept applies to cannabis concentrates. Mistakes occur from either heating up your nail to too high of a temperature or using a vaporizer pen with no heating calibration which chars your product.

For cannabis tech companies, the flavor problem is an engineer’s dream. Simple methods like lighters, ovens, and hot plates do very little to preserve the natural flavors of cannabis.

In fact, these primitive heating mechanisms destroy delicate flavor molecules.

So, is it possible to design a better way to heat? Enter the Trident.

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High Tech Solutions To The Canna Flavor Problem

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Technology has created a new threshold for cannabis user, opening up a whole new set of possibilities for all those that want to move on from the old (albeit classic and useful) ways of weed consumption.

Vaping has come a long way, but we’ve got an elevated way to smoke without the need for lighters and butane: the Hitoki Trident.

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Lasers are still cool, right? Who are we kidding, they never stopped being awesome.

That’s one of the things that makes the Hitoki Trident truly unique and top-tier: it uses laser combustion technology to provide a healthier alternative to smoking while highlighting the true flavors of your favorite flower. 

There’s a lot to love about the Hitoki Trident, for obvious reasons. First of all, it’s a freaking laser, duh.

Besides that, the precise temperature control makes sure to keep the integrity of the terpenes and flavonoids to elevate flavor and scent, while the laser makes sure not to alter any of the flower’s properties.

On top of all that, it’s a healthier way to consume cannabis, and who isn’t down for that?

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The future of smoking promises healthier alternatives to lighting up a joint, blazing a bong, or flaming up a pipe, and the Hitoki Trident is one of many that are leading the industry.

The innovative laser combustion technology works kind of like a game we all used to play as kids: using a magnifying glass and the bright sun to set a leaf on fire. This means that it’s much healthier than using butane- and chemical-filled lighters to blaze away.

It can go up to 280 uses per one charging session, which is more than enough to have you flying high at any time.

The ease of use and water filtration give it a luxurious feel (expected with a $499 price tag), while the multiple power settings, safety interlocks, and carb button make for a personalized experience every time.

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