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KGB Pre-Roll Review: High-End Pre-Rolls For True Connoisseurs

KGB Reserve offers top-shelf cannabis in the convenience of a ready-to-use pre-roll. Here's our complete breakdown.

KGB Reserve is a luxury cannabis brand with one main focus: the consumer experience. KGB stands for Killer Green Bud, a bit of the founder’s history and the main ingredient to all their products.

Commitment can be seen through hand-crafted, small-batch production, a standard of excellence in every KGB product.

Their promise is super-premium, top shelf, whole flower as the main ingredient every single time. Let’s take a look at what their pre-rolls are all about.

What Is A KGB Pre-Roll?

Photo courtesy of KGB Reserve

A KGB pre-roll is a top-quality product. We all love a good pre-roll for whatever the occasion may be; they are easy and ready when you are. KGB pre-rolls are crafted with love and top-shelf cannabis. 

KGB Reserve begins with four components to create a perfectly decadent experience. Hand-rolled “Killer Green Bud” infused with a unique blend of pure cannabis oil mixed with some of the most delicate diamond sauce and topped off with a light dusting of locally sourced kief.


Photo courtesy of KGB Reserve

These dazzling joints are hard to miss in the rotation. The kief used in these pre-rolls is composed almost entirely of trichomes. These trichomes usually are sifted off, sometimes multiple times, to obtain a pure product. 

Kief of this variety can contain as much as 80 percent pure THC and includes the “entourage” of other cannabinoids and terpenes as well. The kief is hand-dusted after the pre-rolls are painted with the sticky oil, making them easier to hold and carry. 

The combination of a dusting of kief, a bit of extract, and a longer than usual twist at the top makes the joint flame up nice and even. The effect is a joint that not only smokes strong but lights up like the candle in the middle of a blackout.

Flavors & Scents

The distillate is a highly refined cannabis oil resulting in a potent extract. Sauce, however, is probably the most flavorful and fragrant extract because it is high in terpenes.

You get the best of both worlds when the two are combined.

The Best KGB Pre-Rolls

Kush Mints Bambino Infused Pre-Roll

Kush Mints is a relaxing and elated hybrid with a breezy-yet-tobacco taste and scents. This half-gram bundle of joy is packed and hand-rolled with only the best premium flower, infused with distillate and sauce, then brushed with a light dusting of top-shelf kief.

GMO Cookies Torpedo Infused Pre-Roll

KGB’s GMO Cookies pre-roll is a deliciously potent pre-roll with a buttery, spicy, herbal flavor and tropical notes. It’s rounded with an incredibly creative, euphoric feeling with the aftertaste of Killer Green Bud. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world as you become more and more comfortable throughout the day.

Sour Dub Torpedo Infused Pre-Roll

It’s not for nothing that Sour Dub is considered the crown prince of San Francisco’s legendary underground dispensary scene. It’s a thoroughly creative, high-energy strain of cannabis, delivering delectable effects of uplifting energy paired with rich diesel notes and an overall resiny aroma.

Where Can I Buy KGB Pre-Rolls?

These top-shelf pre-rolls are available anywhere where weed is legal. If you’re in California, Eaze has one of the best selections of these so be sure to check them out and order online. You’ll get them delivered to your doorstep in no time!

Use HERB30 at checkout and get $30 off your first delivery!

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