Learn How To Make A Cannabis Cigar

Making a cannabis cigar is not as quick as rolling a blunt per say, but it is nonetheless awesome and an amazing experience to smoke from. Learn how!

Sep 19, 2015 - HERB

A cannabis cigar sounds as epic as it is. A cannabis cigar can also be referred to as a thai stick, but we do like calling it a cannabis cigar, especially when the video refers it to that as well.

In case you are not a visual and textual learner through our “How To Roll A Cannagar” article, you may like to look at this in addition since it gives a time lapse demonstration on how to roll one properly. This is easily one of the best video tutorials on how to make a cannabis cigar online, but unfortunately his hands do go off camera a bit. Regardless, it is still a great video and will help in addition to our article.

If you end up creating one yourselves, show it to us in the comments section and impress everyone with your cannabis cigar rolling skills!

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