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Moonwlkr Delta 8 Review: Space Out With These Tasty D8 Products

With a rich assortment of gummies, vape carts, and disposables, Moonwlkr is a brand to look into if you want a clear and therapeutic experience.

The market has been booming with Delta 8 products recently. This may be due to the dubious legality of the compound, which makes it federally legal and fully legitimate to consume and distribute in 38 States. It may also be due to its unique effects, which suit daytime and therapeutic users to a T.

Be it what it may, we have taken a good hard look at most of the companies offering Delta 8, and among them, one of the most intriguing must be Moonwlkr. Their singular focus in revealing the power of the hemp plant has been noted.

Let’s take a deep dive into what makes this brand stand out from the rest.

About Moonwlkr

Photo courtesy of Moonwlkr

Moonwlkr is a hemp specialist out of Las Vegas. Their brand was born out of sheer curiosity and the desire to unlock all the medicinal and therapeutic qualities locked within the plant. Their quest for discovery inevitably led them to Delta 8, the rare cannabinoid that has risen to popularity of late due to its slight psychoactive properties and rewarding body high.

Their focus on D8 has made Moonwlkr’s lineup one of the best in the market segment, offering both superior taste and relaxing experiences that pretty much eliminate the haziness from the high altogether.

You can count on them to supply you with Delta 8 vape carts, disposables, and gummies, all quality offerings safe for first-timers and experienced folks alike.

They also provide CBD products and have toyed with the idea of incorporating Ashwagandha and its unique stress-relieving properties into the mix.

Our Favorite Products from Moonwlkr

The product that really stayed with us out of the Moonwlkr catalog is their Delta 8 gummies. On one hand, they are tasty treats but on the other, they pack a whole bunch of D8 goodness.

Each sweet gummy cube contains 12.5 mg of Delta 8 THC, combined with unique terpenes from a variety of strains and some fruit flavoring to knock the taste up a peg.

If you’re interested in trying them, we suggest you go for a mixed bag, our favorites were the Comets which mix Pineapple Mango Kush, Limoncello Haze, Sour Blue Dream Berry, and Purple Punch gummies into a single package.

Give these a whirl, feel their individual tastes and effects, and enjoy the spacey body high they provide.

When you get yourself a favor, you can commit to the single flavor 50 pack, and never look back.

If you’re into vaping, look into Moonwlkr’s Delta 8 cartridge catalog for some out-of-this-world flavor profiles and experiences.

They have four strains to choose from with each cartridge containing 800 mg of D8 THC oil and plant-derived terpenes, but our pick from the bunch has to be the Calypso Strawberry Gelato

This one delivers strongly on its namesake by providing a fruity and creamy treat for the taste buds, followed by a gentle ascent to relaxation and mild euphoria.

Their disposables are also great and seem to be running out fast so get yourself one while supplies last. There are two to choose from, but if you got to pick one, we would go for the Watermelon Iced OG: a refreshing rush of sweetness that kindly leads into mellow central, perfect for daytime use as it induces no drowsiness.

Moonwlkr Delta 8 Vapes Review

Photo courtesy of Moonwlkr

We mentioned Moonwlkr’s Strawberry Gelato D8 vape cartridge, but there are others to go for here: Grape Runtz, Orange Chemdawg, and Sour Lemon Haze.

They come to standard 510 specifications and so will fit most batteries, they are also made from stainless steel and food-grade silicone, including a custom ceramic heater that’s made to work best with hemp extracts.

The difference between these lies mostly in the flavor profile, so your personal palate will have to play into the decision of which one you go for. They’re all moderately sweet and naturally fruity, delivering on the D8 experience with style.

Moonwlkr Delta 8 Gummies Review

Photo courtesy of Moonwlkr

Moonwlkr’s D8 gummies might be the shining stars of the lineup owing to the sheer variety of flavors, the innate coolness of the presentation, and the surprisingly efficient endocannabinoid response that they elicit.

As we mentioned before there are a couple of mix bags to go for in case you want to sample the breadth of the lineup: Comets and Asteroids.

The former includes Pineapple Mango Kush, Limoncello Haze, Sour Blue Dream Berry, and Purple Punch, while the latter packs Blue Dream Berry, Watermelon Zkittlez, Mango Kush, and Sour Strawberry Diesel.

They also have a line of single flavored gummies. These come in five mouthwatering fruit-flavored options: Watermelon ZkittlezPineapple ExpressBlue Dream BerryMango Kush, and Sour Strawberry Diesel.

Again, the difference between the strains lies mostly in the flavor profile that each individual terpene delivers, as well as with the natural flavoring that gives them their sweet treat feel.

The mango and pineapple mango-flavored gummies surprised us the most, they are delicious, but the personal taste will play strongly into this.

Whether you go for a mixed bag or commit to a single flavor, you will surely enjoy the high this offer: clear, conscious, and utterly relaxing, a real release of tension and anxiety with moderate feelings of euphoria.

They are also rather quick on the uptake, so you’ll do little waiting around before you feel them acting.

If you buy these, we recommend keeping them refrigerated, as if they’re stored in a warm or humid environment they will surely mesh together into a sweet mess.

Moonwlkr Price Range

The prices on Moonwlkr’s offerings are mostly on par with those of other D8 brands, not too expensive but certainly no bargain (unless you catch a sale on their website!).

The vape cartridges retail for $49.99 but are often on sale for $39.99. You can also save some on each cartridge if you buy multiples of their website.

A Comets or Asteroids mix bag of gummies, which includes 20 pieces, will run you for $25.99, and going for the single flavor bottle, with 50 pieces, will cost $49.99.

When either of these goes on sale, which is somewhat frequent, expect them to drop to $19.99 for the 20-piece bag and $39.99 for the 50-piece bottle.

Their disposables are priced pretty much on par with other D8s of their kind, going for $49.99, and often dropping to $39.99 when they’re on sale.

Is Moonwlkr Legit?

Photo courtesy of Moonwlkr

Yes, they definitely are. These are genuine Delta 8 products that deliver satisfying highs, all sourced responsibly and backed by the corresponding third-party lab test results, available for all their products on their website.

Moonwlkr will not disappoint on the taste front either, be they the disposables or the gummies, these are fantastically flavored and seem designed to appeal to everyone on account of the variety of flavors and presentation.

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