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PAX 3 Review: Everything You Need To Know

Three is the magic number when it comes to the most recent vape from PAX, proving your high school girlfriend wrong about the importance of size.

While cannabis is continuing to insert itself into mainstream, everyday life, the ability to have a discreet smoking device is a growing desire for many of us. The PAX 3 offers a lot of power in a small, handheld gadget that improves upon the company’s older models and features impressive technological capabilities.

It’s no secret that PAX continually produces high-quality products that sell for a good chunk of change, but is that steeper price tag worth the splurge? Let’s take a look at the PAX 3.

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What Is The PAX 3?

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Over the past decade, PAX has released three iterations of their award-winning vaporizer, starting with the PAX 1 in 2012. While the overall look of the vaporizer has remained the same, there have been significant improvements that are showcased in the PAX 3. The additions to the already sleek and simply designed apparatus are keeping the company at the forefront of weed vapes. 

The PAX 3 was released in 2016 and was the first vape in the PAX lineup to accommodate both flower and concentrates. It still remains a bestseller and has been reviewed by many stoners out there, many of whom recommend the product to their fellow vape enthusiasts.

How Does PAX 3 Work?

Photo courtesy of PAX

PAX uses good ol’ conduction heating to get your herb to the right temperature for optimal vaping. Rather than a digital temperature gauge, the device shows the power level by lighting up any or all of the four lights on the vape’s logo.

If one of the lights is lit, the lowest power setting of 360℉ (183°C) is in effect. When there are two lights on, you are vaping at 380℉, giving you bigger clouds than the first setting.

The three-light setting tends to be a favorite among users, giving an internal temperature of 400℉ (204°C) and giving you big puffs without burning your material too quickly. If using concentrates, the 4-light method gives you a top temperature of a coincidental 420℉ (215°C).

Of course, if you wanted to control your chamber temperature more precisely, all you’d have to do is download the PAX App and you’d be able to choose the specific degree for your device to achieve. The app, which will be discussed later, is the true way to unlock the gadget’s full potential.

PAX 3 Specs

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  • 4 Temperature Settings 
  • Heat time: 10-20 seconds (depending on power level)
  • Battery life about 6-10 sessions
  • Bluetooth and App control
  • LED Indicators

PAX 3 Bowl Size

You can fit about 0.35 grams of ground material on your PAX 3 if you’re using the normal lid. However, if you decide to go with the half-pack oven lid, which is included with your device, the total amount of dry flower you can use drops to about 0.17 grams.

These numbers may vary depending on the quality, fluffiness, and moisture of the product you’re using.

PAX 3 Chamber

The chamber, also called the concentrate insert, is basically a small lidded aluminum oven designed to vape concentrates. Just make sure to stick it to the vape’s lid and insert it in the oven. Make sure to close the chamber properly to avoid the risk of your concentrates slabbering into the oven.

PAX 3 Materials

The PAX 3’s vapor path and oven are constructed from the highest quality medical grade stainless steel straw that ensures smooth and tasty draws. PAX utilizes a 3-stage temperature-controlled vapor path with a thin film composite heating enclosure, infused with isolated airflow channels. These features allow for no loss of vapors and no aftertaste.

The mouthpiece is made from food-grade rubber that absorbs the heat, preventing your lips from getting too hot and unaltering the flavor of your vapor.

The device’s outer shell is made from high-polish anodized aluminum.

What Comes With The PAX 3

Photo courtesy of PAX

Well, that depends on which of the two options you chose. You can go with the $200 ‘Device Only’ option that includes the PAX 3 along with:

  • 2 Mouthpieces (Flat and Raised)
  • USB Charger 
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Stainless Steel Oven Lid

The maintenance kit includes 10 pipe cleaners, 3 oven screens, and 1 wire brush. This is the option for people who don’t really mess with concentrates, or who just want to stick to a more basic option.

For $50 more, you can get the ‘Complete Kit’ that includes everything from the device bundle, plus: 

  • Half-Pack Oven Lid
  • Concentrate Insert
  • Keychain Multi-Tool
  • 3 Additional Screens

Concentrate Insert

Photo courtesy of PAX

The PAX 3 comes with a concentrate insert attachment. Insert it easily and you’re ready to vape your favorite extracts and turning the unit into a portable dab rig. This tiny metal oven enables you to drop any of your favorite oils right onto the heater, eliminating the need to buy a standalone wax pen or oil rig.

Magnetic Charging Dock

The magnetic charging dock includes a USB that can plug directly into your computer, making charging ridiculously easy and efficient. Placing the device on the charger is as easy as Grape Pie. 

PAX 3 Mouthpiece Options

Photo courtesy of PAX

Both the flat and raised mouthpieces are included with both available package options of the PAX 3, with the raised piece being the fan favorite for obvious reasons. Giving a little more space between your mouth and the heat of the device, the raised mouthpiece is the most comfortable and useful choice. 

PAX 3 Oven Lids Options

Photo courtesy of PAX

If you’re smoking solo and what a little bit less of a pack, the half-pack oven lid allows for a more personal-sized bowl. This is also a more efficient way to use your vape, and a way to get the most out of your bud.

It prevents the freshly ground herb from moving around too much, but you’ll still want to make sure you keep the device upwards while you partake. 

The concentrating chamber goes inside the oven, taking up most of its space but allowing some room for you to drop your favorite wax, crumble, or oil into the mix. While this doesn’t hit like a dab, it will do the job if you can’t get to your dab rig.

PAX 3 Features


Photo courtesy of PAX

Any Android or iOS user can get the most out of the vaping experience by being able to modify the power level to a specific degree. You also have a good amount of settings you can customize to fit your needs. 

These include changing the brightness and color of your LED lights, as well as choosing from four different pre-set options that change the temperature of your chamber throughout the smoking process to optimize whatever high you are looking for. 

The app also features games that you can play with the other members of your session, that provide a unique scenario that might be the future of vaping.

Dual Use Leaf & Concentrates

This is probably the most significant upgrade from the PAX 2. Using the metal concentrate insert, you’ll be able to turn your PAX 3 into a dab rig and enjoy your favorite concentrates while you’re out and about.

​​​​​It’s an exciting feature that changed PAX’s game and make it a contender with most e-rigs out there as it has that Apple-like quality, design, and functionality that only PAX can offer.

Battery Life

This device features a rechargeable 3500mAh Lithium-ion battery.  Fully charged, this should last approximately 8 to 10 complete sessions.

When charging it via the PAX AC adapter, you should get a fully charged battery in about 90 minutes. When using direct USB charging, that increases to 120. Whatever it is you choose, you’ll know the device is ready once its 4 lights are white.

Is PAX Worth It?

Photo courtesy of PAX

There are some aspects of the PAX 3 that some users aren’t particularly fond of, including the lack of a digital display which allows for less control over your temperature due to the preset power levels. 

Short battery life has also been noted as an area of improvement for the next iteration of the PAX 3, but when it comes to overall performance, it’s not difficult to see why this brand has maintained its high status and reputation among stoners.

You do get multiple sessions (usually 6-10) out of one charge, so that complaint about battery life might be from those who are smoking frequently and primarily with the device. 

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When a vape works as well as this one does, having to charge it every few sessions isn’t that big of a deal. Besides, the battery on the PAX 3 is quite stronger than its predecessor, so you can’t fault the company for not constantly improving its products. 

The discrete factor is always a nice feature of handheld vapes, but when the device also proves to pack a lot of punch into that small size, it makes the PAX 3 an easy choice if you are always on the go.

This little guy fits comfortably in the palm of your hand while delivering an impressive hit that is great when you’re away from home. This is definitely a smart investment for those busybodies that want to get a quality high without garnering too much attention. 

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