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The Easiest Way To Vape Dry Herbs & Concentrates

Made for dry herbs and concentrates, the new Pulsar APX is a great device for those who're just getting into vaping and want a straightforward and reliable device.

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The V2 being an upgrade of the Pulsar APX is an improvement in many areas. The refined concentrate vaporizer gives a lasting impression on how a vaporizer should be, what makes one, and establishes why the APX V2 is a good deal. 

It has a beautiful LED screen showing the exact temperature and battery life of your device. You are guaranteed the pleasantry of enjoying your vaporizing moments without having a moment of doubt; those doubts can happen when you have fears about your battery and just how long it can last. 

Are these the only improvements, considering the cost? There is just enough in stock, and we will surely unleash the complete details that make this pen a fan’s favorite. Suppose you think of where to start and the best pen to get; starting your vaporizing experience with this pen can be a delight. So let’s find out the details for ourselves.



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Temperature Control

A common issue amongst dabbers is when your vape pen gets too hot and beyond control. This can even offend the newbie smoker, but why should a vape pen get so hot and refuse to stay within limits? 

This problem is wholly assuaged with the APX V2, as you choose between 5 temperature levels. Starting at 180°c, the temperature increases by ten at every turn and can get up to 220°c. So you can easily navigate your temperature settings to find your soft spot; this is a drop of magic.


There is an increased airflow with this design, making dabbing beautiful. You don’t wish to suffocate yourself because you have a good smoke, which is precisely what you get on this pen. You can have the best hits here, as your airflow is not restricted by anything. 

On the design end, the product comes in 9 different colors, with an array of options to choose from. You can even play around with the colors by getting different ones and trying them all out. 

It has an on-screen display that allows you to detect your smoke flow. You know your battery life and, importantly, the temperature level, so you don’t get yourself burned, trying to have a good smoke. 

The APX V2 is only 4 inches tall, not a burden for a travel-loving person. You can carry it anywhere and do your thing when you love it.

Battery Life & Portability

The 1600mAh battery won’t spark such glitter if you look at it and your market options. However, this is not entirely out of the equation; you still have a fine pen in your hands. 

It lasts you 90 mins of continuous smoke life, a beautiful period, you may say, and an acceptable deal. The 90 mins are just how long it also takes to charge the pen to complete, so this is another area of interest you should look at.

On the portability side, the pen is only 4-inches long and a little bigger than your lighter. It is travel-friendly and a fine addition to your dabbing kit.

Ease Of Use

The goal is to have a good smoke, a fulfilling moment. Since we all agree to this, the question is, what will be the reason for having several controls on a pen that is made to guarantee pleasure?

This pen is equipped with a single button that takes care of everything; you don’t have to read the manual to get started; the pen is a self-starter. You also get a cleaning tool, along with an external mouthpiece, all put together to give you a perfect balance.

APX vs. APX V2

We have already established that the APX V2 is an upgrade of the Pulsar APX, but there is more than what meets the eye. While the APX V2 has a better finish and improved display, much has not changed compared to the APX. First, the battery is still the same, and unlike the APX, the V2 doesn’t support concentrates.

APX Wax Instruction

Below are the instructions for use, if you choose to go with the APX V2.

  • Step 1

Remove the mouthpiece to expose the herb chambers. 

  • Step 2

Fill it with your favorite concentrate, and place the mouthpiece back in position.

  • Step 3

Press the power button for a few seconds. Once it turns on, choose your desired temperature level. 

  • Step 4 

Once the heating is over, lights will stop and the device will be good to use.

The APX V2 brings to bear the beauty of innovation and what an improvement should look like; the massive success with the product finishing is a great delight and a thing to hold onto. For a flavorful vapor, this pen is recommended.  

August 17, 2021 — Last Updated August 18, 2021
Written by Marcos Heredia
August 17, 2021 — Last Updated August 18, 2021
Written by Marcos Heredia
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