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Pulsar Hellfire Review: Elevate Your Dabbing With This Atomizer Kit

The Pulsar Hell Fire has 5 different coils and is just what you need for cloudy and tasty dabbing. Here's everything you need to know.

Many people have trouble understanding the difference between an atomizer and a vape device. In short, an atomizer is any device that creates mist out of a liquid.

Essentially, it is just a heating coil made from a piece of resistance wire that heats up to create vapor out of a concentrate (or any e-liquid if we’re not talking about weed).

This resistance is measured in ohms; the more significant the piece of resistance is (or thicker), the higher the ohms and the less power they will demand to atomize the liquid.

Here’s Some Basic Knowledge

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These atomizers, also known as vape coils, come in various styles and uses, with disposable coil heads or do-it-yourself coil builds being the two main differentiators.

Vape coils can be made out of several types of wire to use as a resistance, including kanthal, stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. Then, they will require a wicking material that feeds the concentrate to your vape coil. Once the vaporizer battery is engaged, the coil will heat up and turn the concentrate into the vapor as you inhale.

The Pulsar Hell Fire is an atomizer made of heavy-duty stainless steel, and its five coils are nestled inside with ceramic. Other alternatives used for wicking vape coils could be stainless steel mesh, silica, or eco-wool. 

As mentioned above, the two main lines are pre-made atomizers and DIY ones. Since today’s review is about the Pulsar Hell Fire, let me walk you through some of the details of pre-made atomizers in general and then entirely go into the highlights of today’s star.

Pre-Made Atomizers & Vape Coils

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Although making your vape coil is an exciting and not complex challenge, getting one that is already made, ensuring it will work would be ideal. Building your vape coils isn’t very hard, but fortunately, the diy aspect is not a requirement to start vaping. Many great devices still use pre-made coils.

Each atomizer can be made using different resistance, and therefore have an optimal wattage range. Some coils are intended for high-wattage vaping, some low-wattage vaping, and some can even be used with temperature control. You can adjust the wattage, and your resistance will still be effective when atomizing the concentrate. At the same time, you can get different vapor temperatures as you adapt your vape.

Specific vape coils can directly affect the type of draw you use: either direct lung vaping or mouth-to-lung. Needless to say, if you are into low-wattage vaping, you should choose coils with higher resistance to make them more effective and vice versa.

All this said it is time to dive into the Pulsar Hell Fire Atomizer. Here we go.

Pulsar Hell Fire Atomizer & 5pc Coil Heads

A long name comes with a long list of benefits. If you had trouble understanding the difference between coil heads and atomizers, this is the most straightforward way to see how they differ. This discrete and smartly packed box comes with one atomizer, clearly distinguishable for its size and hefty build. Five different coils to choose from and place into the atomizer’s pure ceramic heating chamber.

The five different materials are the barb fire stainless coil, black ceramic coil, holy oil ceramic coil, and titanium & shredder coil. This range of options will help other concentrates develop better; however, this is up to you. The manufacturers don’t provide a guide with the intended usage of each coil, so really, it is more of a trial and error, or whatever preference you have, sort of thing.

The heavy-duty, all stainless-steel tank body that creates the atomizer has a 510 threading, which is a great benefit since it will fit any 510-thread battery, making it compatible with any 15-25W mod! Some Highlights may be:

  • Five coil kit including barb fire stainless coil, black ceramic coil, holy oil ceramic coil, and titanium & shredder coil.
  • 510 threading
  • Very high-quality materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Parts can be replaced
  • 15–25 watt power compatible
  • Ceramic heating chamber


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Hopefully, by now, you understand what an atomizer is and what coil heads are. Even though you could make your coils, I might be biased because of my own experience, but you will probably fail in making them as well as a pre-fabricated one. Ok, that did sound biased and mean, but still – try out both options and prove me wrong.

The Pulsar Hell Fire brings you not just one but five coil heads that will let you focus on vaping more than on the manufacturing, which is precisely what I think of when buying my weed gear. It also gives you a chance to experiment with different kinds of concentrates and other types of production materials, enhancing the experience and allowing you to focus on flavors and temperatures. At the same time, you build and use your vape.

The product costs around 80 bucks, so it’s an attractive investment, but undoubtedly one you won’t regret after you’ve tried the Pulsar Hell Fire Atomizer & 5 Coils Kit for yourself.

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