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How to French Inhale and Blow O’s In 4 Easy Steps

Smoke tricks can be show-stoppers when enjoying that sweet sticky-icky. Here’s how to blow O’s and French inhales so that you can be smoke-cessful.

A good smoke trick can be a show-stopper when smoking that sweet sticky-icky. Smoke tricks show a sophistication and control of the smoke that many people don’t have. So we have put together smoke tips for blowing O’s and French inhales so that you can be smoke-cessful at your next session.

Smoke O’s

A classic, this trick takes a few hits to figure out but once you do, you’ll be doing it every time you smoke. The most important step to achieving any of the tricks listed is to control your smoke intake/knowing how much you can handle. There is nothing worse than trying to pull off a cool trick and coughing your lungs out while your buddies give you a hard time. Once you have inhaled a good amount of smoke, follow these steps to achieve perfect O’s.

  1. Exhale your smoke to the point where it becomes thick—perfect O material. Once you have that light smoke out of your lungs, create the “O” shape with your mouth while holding the smoke in your lungs. Don’t worry, you will just get more medicated the longer you take to exhale.
  1. While your mouth is in an “O” shape, position your tongue in the middle of your mouth.
  1. Exhale the thick smoke in short bursts, almost as if you are coughing ever so slightly. This should create chronic O’s to dazzle anyone. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! It’s all about control.

PRO TIP – If you and your lady friend are ever having a session together, pull out this awesome trick and cut the O downwards with your finger in the air, through the perfectly formed smoke O. This will create a smoke heart. Now go get ’em, Romeo.

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French Inhale

Most people will have seen this trick done by Snoop Dogg who can seemingly boss it without thinking, and man does it look cool. This trick is different from the smoke O’s in that you do not inhale the smoke into your lungs before doing the trick; you simply want to hold the smoke in your mouth.

  1. Once you are holding smoke in your mouth, position your tongue in the back of your mouth, widening it to cover the entirety of your mouth. Almost as if you were trying to stop water from going down your throat using your tongue.
  1. Once you have your tongue positioned, begin breathing in through your nose. This will suck up the smoke as it comes out of your mouth and into your lungs, making it look like a reverse waterfall. So dope.
  1. Push out the smoke using your tongue, do not try exhaling the smoke out, your lungs will be busy inhaling it.
  1. Push all the smoke out of your mouth and exhale. Congrats, you looked gangster.

Photo Credit: Youtube

Featured image Smoke O’s USA

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