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Sunday Scaries CBD Review: A Brand That Hits The Spot

The Sunday Scaries describe the reason why most people take CBD. Hence, the perfectly fitting name for a perfectly fitting product to the occasion.

Have you ever felt impending danger? Or just a feeling that feels like something bad is about to happen, even though something bad is NOT happening?

Heck, this happens to me even when something good is about to happen. Like a big date, moving apartments, or a long-time expected vacation.

This irrational ‘fear’ is not uncommon. In fact, it happens to almost everyone. It’s the way your mind tells you how excited you are for something and replicates it on the body. I try to think of it as a prelude to something great and have learned to enjoy it.

But coping with it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t accept it for what it is.

Lucky for us CBD came around to help us deal with this type of feeling in a better way. With CBD products like the ones Sunday Scaries offers you can forget about having a bad night’s sleep or having to overeat (or drink) to cope with anxiety.

What Are Sunday Scaries

As briefly introduced above, Sunday Scaries are the irrational fears, feelings of frustration, and anxiety that arise before the start of something. Whether it’s something good, or dreadful like a Monday.

Sunday Scaries get the name because these ‘irrational fears’ are not uncommon on a Sunday night before the week starts. No joke, I actually remember dreading Sunday evenings when I was 8 or 9 because I wasn’t able to sleep well. For some reason going to school gave me anxiety.


The term ‘Sunday Scaries’ has been adapted for use any day of the week. Becoming a way to describe this sudden burst of anxiety as something replicable, perhaps before a big meeting at work or prior to meeting your partner’s parents for the first time.

As you would expect:

The Sunday Scaries describe the reason why most people take CBD. Hence, the perfectly fitting name for a perfectly fitting product to the occasion.

Sunday Scaries CBD Review

It can be challenging to find a CBD brand you identify with that addresses your needs to the T. The thing is, CBD companies out there are constantly launching new products and innovations. Some of which don’t seem fitting for what they’re being advertised.

For instance, if you’re looking to reduce anxiety, the last thing you want is something more on your schedule like taking pills. At least that’s my take on it, being a highly anxious person myself.

Dosing is also a key element of goal completion when it comes to CBD.

You want to make sure that the potency of your product is fitted to your purpose. 

I have found success in using CBD in lower quantities when I need an energy boost and locking into a particular task. Perhaps what you would take a coffee for but without the anxiety-boosting caffeine content.

And I’ll usually take higher doses in the evening to help me get into the right state of mind for bed.

Because Sunday Scaries makes products that are meant to help with, well, the Sunday Scaries which is just another name for impending attacks of anxiety in my eyes. They seem to have hit the dosing just right.

Not only that but:

The type of products Sunday Scaries sells seems perfectly fitted to the occasion as well. Bath Bombs you can use in a relaxing warm bath before the big day, gummies and candy you can munch on to take the edge off, or CBD oils for those that need a routine for their CBD intake.

Sunday Scaries Gummies Review

CBD Gummies by Sunday Scarries come in a 20 gummy resealable plastic jar that keeps your product fresh as long as it’s stored properly. Each gummy is meant to get you in a ‘chillin’ mood and is dosed with 10 mg of CBD.

10 mg of CBD seems a bit low at first glance if you intend to relax. I usually take 30 mg to 40 mg when I want to calm my anxiety. Sometimes I’ll even scale up to 60 mg. But that doesn’t mean that the gummy is not perfectly dosed for its intended purpose.


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In my eyes, gummies are meant to be eaten constantly, almost anxiously. Because they give you something to munch on and this should keep you from developing other twitches like tapping your feet on the ground. By the time you’ve stopped chewing on your gummies nervously, it’s more than likely that you’ve had more than just one. That said, we might even be better off with less-potent gummies.


Sunday Scaries gummies are right on point and dosing them with less CBD would be a commercial mistake for the company. So if you feel the need to, just cut them up into halves and much on them that way.

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies are also dosed with D3 and B12 vitamins to provide that extra bit of wellness. They even have a Vegan Gummy version for those who happen to follow a stricter diet.

Sunday Scaries Tincture Review

I’ve grown accustomed to taking my CBD in the form of drops. I just keep CBD tinctures or oils next to my weed stash and whenever I happen to walk by it and feel like a boost is needed, I’ll take a few drops under the tongue.

I don’t usually use gummies because I feel like oils last longer and give me more bang for the buck. You’ll probably feel the same if you do the math.


Good thing Sunday Scaries has an accurately dosed CBD oil with the same D3 and B12 vitamin addition in the formula.

Sunday Scaries CBD oil comes in a full ounce worth of organic coconut oil, lightly sweetened with Stevia and dosed with 500 mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD extract.

I personally found the flavor to be appealing, although I generally prefer mentholated flavors for my drops. This speaks volumes of how nice Sunday Scarries CBD Oil tastes in my eyes.

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