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The Best Dispensaries In Brooklyn

If you're looking for a real cannabis experience in Brooklyn, stop by these dispensaries.

Medical cannabis has been legal in New York since 2014. And although legislation approved the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2021, recreational dispensaries have yet to open as the marketing of recreational cannabis has not been regulated.

New York has a system of medical dispensaries where patients and caregivers can purchase products such as whole flower, ground flower, or vaping, edibles, topicals, vapes, tinctures, equipment, and accessories.

If you’re wondering where to get quality weed in Brooklyn, you’ll be happy to know that there are reliable, safe, and well-priced options.

Remember that buying weed in Brooklyn at a dispensary requires you to have a state medical card to purchase cannabis. If you don’t have a medical marijuana recommendation, you can use a Brooklyn weed delivery service to find cannabis in NYC, but many dispensaries provide this service.

You can also buy CBD products without a license if you are of legal age. Now, what are these amazing dispensaries in Brooklyn?

Gifted BK

Photo By Gifted BK

Gifted BK describes itself as “a cultural destination” that combines art and alchemy. This place is more than a dispensary. It is an art gallery that enhances alchemy through different mediums.

Conveniently located in Brooklyn in the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg, this is definitely a destination you will want to visit on your way through the city and experience the full urban lifestyle in the best New York style.

Gifted BK is an easy and reliable option to get weed while touring the Big Apple. As for its structure, the ambiance is beautiful, spacious, and well-lit. All the hip-hop-themed art and clothing on display is for sale. You might just walk out with more than just weed.

Safe and simple, Gifted BK offers the complete dispensary experience you’re looking for in New York.

Cannabist Dispensary

Photo By Cannabist Dispensary

Cannabist is a welcoming dispensary where you can get all your cannabis questions answered, even if you’re unsure where to start.

The word “superior” is what guides this dispensary. Their philosophy is based on three pillars: superior level, superior knowledge, and superior vocation.

Their focus is on better products and better service, and that’s exactly what you’ll find when you walk through the doors. The thorough training of Cannabist’s employees is evident, and you can see the care with which they answer questions and help customers find the product they didn’t even know they were looking for.

Whether it’s for pain relief, to lift your spirits, or to achieve a state of high, you’re sure to find it at Cannabist.

Be. Brooklyn

Photo by Be. Brooklyn

At Be. Brooklyn, you will find a dispensary with a friendly atmosphere where they offer medical cannabis, education, and CBD.

In Be. Brooklyn, you will find pharmacists fully trained to solve all the doubts you may have regarding cannabis and the different products offered by the dispensary.

Remember that you must have a valid medical cannabis card to purchase cannabis products, but anyone can go to Be. Brooklyn to talk to the trained staff to ask questions about weed. That’s what cannabis education and demystification are all about.

At Be. Brooklyn, they are always willing to advise patients and caregivers on finding the best products for every need. They also have a wide portfolio of hemp-derived CBD products (no medical card required).

If you are in Brooklyn, take advantage of the opportunity and see all the incredible products they have to offer. Plus, you might learn a thing or two about cannabis that you didn’t know.

Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Photo By Sunnyside Dispensary Brooklyn

Sunnyside Medical Dispensary is located in upscale Williamsburg.

At Sunnyside, you will be served by friendly and knowledgeable wellness consultants and pharmacists who are available and happy to accompany each patient on their wellness journey.

Purchasing any product at Sunnyside is quite simple. Just present a valid ID and medical card, explore the dispensary, and pick the products that catch your eye. You can also get expert advice on which products would be best for your needs and preferences.

At Sunnyside, they are very proud to shed some light on cannabis. They are witnesses of its benefits and goodness, and sharing it with the world is their mission. This amazing plant has the potential to not only help alleviate chronic medical problems but also to be part of the daily wellness routine.

Columbia Care

Photo By Columbia Care Brooklyn

Columbia Care is a well-known dispensary in the Brooklyn area where they offer a wide variety of products, including pharmaceutical-grade vape cartridges, tinctures, oral tablets, topicals, and many more, including CBD hemp products.

They also have expertly trained staff available to advise patients and customers looking to improve their quality of life and well-being.

This dispensary is an informative place with a great atmosphere, quality products, and very friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists.

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