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The Best THCA Flower

These flowers will give you the best experience you can get from smoking THCA.

THCA is one of the new cannabinoids we are getting used to seeing once in a while. And it also means more benefits and ways to improve your overall well-being using cannabis. Smoking THCA flowers produce a similar high to Delta 9 THC flowers, but they are legal.

Even so, not every THCA flower is the same. The flowers from Bloomz grow by the hands of cultivars with incredible expertise in the matter and love for cannabis and people. Their THCA flowers stand out from the rest on the market, making it at the top of the list of the best THCA flowers.

What Is THCA?

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THCA is a naturally occurring cannabinoid, very similar to THC. An isomer. The “A” says it is the acidic form of regular Delta 9 THC. Being THCA the acidic form of THC means it is its chemical precursor.

If this story sounds familiar, it is because it is similar to when CBG-A turns into CBG and other cannabinoids. In other words, THCA turns into everyday THC when you heat it. Otherwise, THCA won’t get you high.

Now you can tell that when you smoke a THCA flower, you end up using THC, which leads you to ask, why buy THCA flower? The short answer is that THCA is legal, and THC is not. Buying THCA flowers is seeking a way around the law.

Still, it doesn’t mean you can smoke THCA flowers everywhere legally. Some states have banned THC isomers like THCA and THC-O, among others. Thus, you should check the legal status of THC isomers before buying THCA.


The most significant difference between THCA and THC is that the first is not psychoactive. Although being the precursor of THC, THCA won’t get you high unless you heat it and turn it into actual Delta 9 THC.

Then, you will get high if you vape or smoke a THCA flower. But that is not the case when you ingest it. When it comes to tinctures and edibles, THCA is way more similar to CBD than Delta 9 THC. Although there is research needed, ingested THCA seems to have body-focused effects.

And another crucial difference is that THCA is federally legal to grow, sell and use. Even though smoking THCA flower is the same as smoking THC.

Why THCA Flowers?

Smoking flowers is the most common way to enjoy the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids. And THCA is not an exception. But smoking THCA flowers is the best way to get the most out of this cannabinoid. That is because it won’t get you high unless you put it under heat.

When you light up the flower, THCA turns into Delta 9 THC, making you feel the same mental rush and body relaxation effects as when smoking regular THC flowers. But this time, you won’t have any trouble with the law.

Bloomz TCHA flowers come from the hemp plant and have less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Thus, they are legal. So, if you want to get high from Delta 9 THC legally, you can do it when smoking THCA flower.

Best THCA Flowers

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Grape Frosty

The Bloomz Grape Frosty is a potent Indica strain that will take away the accumulated stress of the day and relax your body during the evening. Its mental buzz does extremely well fighting off anxiety and disconnecting you from the heavy reality for a while. On the other hand, Its warm hug promises to reduce pain and tension in your muscles.

You will fall for its rich flavor. When the smoke gets to your mouth, there is a dominant pungent taste of diesel with noticeable notes of ripe grapes. The Grape Frosty leaves a lightly bitter aftertaste on your tongue and a smile on your face.

Han Solo

The Bloomz Han Solo is a relaxing Indica strain that packs a heavy punch in minutes. The effects are not numbing. Instead, you get a body-relaxing sensation with a burst of euphoria. You stay awake and can enjoy the moment much more than before. But, this is not a strain to work. It does perfectly during a lazy weekend or having a good moment with friends.

When smoking Han Solo, you can expect a robust taste of wood paired with herbs. It leaves a spicy and tingly sensation on your tongue when exhaling. The Han Solo is perfect for people who love strains with a woody scent.

Miracle Alien Cookies

The Bloomz Miracle Alien Cookies, or MAC, is a balanced hybrid strain you can use any time of the day. It has an uplifting effect that will fill your day with blissfulness and optimism. And you can never have too much of them. The MAC will boost your creativity and productivity, getting you ready to perform any task or wind up during the evening.

You will fall for the MAC flowers if you like citrus and sweet flavors. The MAC has a clear reminiscent of orange with a peppery scent. And you can sense an earthy end when exhaling. You can’t go wrong with the MAC when looking for a hybrid strain.

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