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The Herbalist: Alien Labs & Its Impact On Cannabis Culture

You can thank Alien Labs for putting some of our favorite, legendary strains on the map.

10 years later, and Alien Labs is still a favorite for California consumers

Founder of Alien Labs, Ted Lidie, launched the brand in 2013 after years of first-hand experience with cannabis. Coming from a family of growers, Lidie later moved to San Francisco in 2008, where he first got inspired to launch a cannabis brand

In fact, it was none other than America’s first legal weed empire, Cookies, that inspired him. He noticed that many other companies were selling weed in plain Ziplock bags with a lack of branding. 

It wasn’t until he noticed Cookies’ iconic blue bag that he knew branding would be essential to any cannabis company. 

The Launch Of Alien Labs

When 2013 came around, and Lidie launched Alien Labs, it first started as a medicinal-focused brand. 

However, as recreational smokers themselves, Alien Labs promises to launch only the finest flower for both recreational consumers and medical patients that won’t ever disappoint. 

It wasn’t until 2017 that Lidie leveraged years of building his brand and reputation in the cannabis space to officially launch legal cannabis through a partnership with Connected Cannabis Co. 

Fast forward to today, Alien Labs is the name on every recreational consumer’s lips in California and now Arizona too. Its various product launches with the highest quality strains on the market have won over the hearts of many, simply by providing them with an experience they’ve never had before. 

The Alien Labs Timeline

Even before the brand was Alien Labs, Lidie was pushing out OG Kush. In fact, this particular cut of OG Kush was named Mars OG, which was the first official strain from the brand long before it was even a brand. 

It was around 2010 that Alien Labs started dabbling in GSC, which was the strain that put the Cookies cannabis brand on the map as a staple in the cannabis culture. 

A few years later, when Alien Labs established itself as a company, the strain that brought the brand its limelight was none other than Do-Si-Dos. It was a beautiful cut that leaned towards the OG side, which consumers clearly couldn’t get enough of.

And then, we have Zookies. Around 2014, Alien Labs was growing GSC which ended up pollinating GG4, Fire OG, and a few other strains. The result was the Zookies strain, the brand’s first in-house bred strain that was created completely by accident. 

Once cannabis became legal in California, Alien Labs hit it off with strains like:

  • Wedding Cake
  • Zkittles
  • Melonade
  • Area 41
  • Sherbacio
  • Biskanté

For years, Alien Labs has provided consumers with only the best cannabis they could find, offering a completely different and unique experience each time around. 

With stellar branding and the finest damn flower you can find, it’s no wonder why Alien Labs has become a household name in the cannabis space. For more information about Alien Labs, check out its Instagram page and visit their website at

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