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The Herbalist: Caliva Is One Of California’s Largest Indoor Cultivation & Manufacturing Facilities

If you're a cannabis consumer in California, chances are you've bought some Caliva weed without even knowing it.

The vertically-integrated cannabis company Caliva has quickly become the hottest seed-to-sale cannabis company not just in California but the country.

Caliva operates over a variety of high-end, popular brands, which you can find below.

Besides its many products and brands, Caliva takes pride in providing sustainable wellness choices for consumers and helping them find more natural yet equally reliable alternatives to addictive pharmaceuticals.

The company offers a whole whack of branded cannabis products that are available online and in hundreds of retail shops across California. If you want to learn more about one of California’s leading cannabis companies, see more information about Caliva below.

Powered By Passion For Plant-Based Solutions

Caliva launched in 2015, and why it launched might help you understand the company’s mission a little bit more.

They describe the reason for their launch as a “nudge from the universe,” hinting that the company felt an inner need to help consumers find healthy alternatives to easily accessible pharmaceuticals.

Now, Caliva’s business operates on three core values:

  • Intention
  • Transparency
  • Positive Energy

The team is dedicated to helping individuals live healthier and happier lives through plant-based alternatives that bring a more sustainable and natural wellness option to the masses.

Fun fact, Caliva invites a shaman to bless its plants with good vibes and positive energy every Wednesday.

Besides initiatives like that, you can trust that any product and brand that operates under Caliva aligns with the company’s mission to provide consumers with a wide variety of plant-based solutions.

Sustainable Growth & Seed-To-Sale Supply Chain

One of the most impressive things about Caliva is its steady and sustainable growth. This includes its growth of cannabis and its growth as a company.

Caliva has expanded over the last few years to build a solid, passionate, reliable team of over 600 employees in California. Not only that, but most of those 600 employees are responsible for producing and cultivating Caliva’s thousands of cannabis products.

In fact, the company has become one of California’s largest indoor cultivation and manufacturing facilities. It pumps out roughly 11,000 pounds of cannabis every year, alongside thousands of other high-end cannabis products.

A few top-selling brands that operate under Caliva include:

  • Monogram
  • Cann
  • Kiva
  • Papa & Barkley
  • Heavy Hitters
  • Fun Uncle
  • Jeeter

Finally, Caliva takes immense pride in its seed-to-sale supply chain. Because it’s a vertically-integrated company, Caliva overlooks and controls the entire process from cultivation and production to sale at retail stores.

If you’re looking for plant-based solutions, healthier alternatives to pharmaceuticals, or simply want to enjoy weed’s recreational status; you can purchase your new favorite products at Caliva’s 200 retail locations throughout California.

For more information about Caliva, visit its website at

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