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The Herbalist: Jungle Boys Collective And Clean, Potent Cannabis

California's most trusted cultivation collective is responsible for some of the industry's favorite genetics.

For long-time cannabis-consuming Californians, Jungle Boys is a name they can trust.

The collective has been changing the way people view cannabis cultivation for decades. It’s not just how they do it, but it’s who they are, the close-knit group behind Jungle Boys that strives to grow clean and potent cannabis.

What started as a few weed plants in the family backyard has expanded into California’s favorite and most trusted cultivation collective. But it wasn’t always a walk in the park for Jungle Boys.

About Jungle Boys

Photo courtesy of Jungle Boys

The true Jungle Boy is cannabis enthusiast and skilled cultivator Ivan, who was never a stranger to growing the plant. He would often learn about cultivation techniques from his mother, who would grow few plants in the family garden.

However, it wasn’t until his late father was diagnosed with stage IV cancer that he learned about the plant’s healing properties and medicinal benefits. After learning of his father’s diagnosis and that it was too late to cure, the doctor suggested medicinal cannabis.

That’s when Ivan headed over to the TLC Collective and purchased cannabis products to help his father cope with the mental and physical effects of nearing death. At that moment, he knew that people like his father and many others needed safe and easy access to the healing benefits of cannabis.

He eventually partnered with the TLC Collective and, in 2013, became the owner and used the dispensary to sell Jungle Boys products.

A Family Foundation

Fast forward to today, you’ve probably heard of some wickedly famous Jungle Boys genetics that are cherished within the modern industry, like Mimosa and White Fire OG phenotypes.

Although Jungle Boys has been wildly successful, it’s interesting to know that Ivan never accepted investments from outside sources. He keeps operations within the family.

According to Alchimia:

  • Ivan’s daughter is the manager of TLC
  • His nephew looks after TLC’s harvests
  • His wife heads Jungle Boys clothing

Now that California legalized recreational cannabis, Jungle Boys have happily expanded operations to give medicinal and recreational users easy access to the highest quality cannabis products on the market.

Jungle Boys proudly has various state-of-the-art cultivation facilities and employs thousands of people who truly care for the wholesome and rewarding process of cannabis cultivation.

You can often find Jungle Boys products in TLC Collective dispensaries, as well as the Los Angeles Farmers Dispensary. For more information, visit its website at

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