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Sherbinskis: The Origins Of Gelato Strains

You can thank Mr. Sherbinski for the industry's beloved gelato genetics.

There’s always a fascinating story behind legendary strains. When speaking about the renowned Gelato strain and its genetics, legendary is an understatement.

You’ve likely heard your favorite rappers spit bars about Gelato, and other cannabis connoisseurs rave about their experience with this sweet and creamy strain.

But where did it all begin? Who was the master grower behind such an iconic strain that’s used in different cross breeds today?

Before settling into his nickname as Mr. Sherbinski in the cannabis industry, Mario Guzman was a real estate broker.

Fast forward to today, Los Angeles-based Sherbinskis is practically running the North American cannabis space.

About Sherbinskis

Photo courtesy of Sherbinskis

Launched in 2014, Sherbinskis is the brand of Mario Guzman. Interestingly, Guzman started his successful company in a similar way to other corporate giants like Apple and Amazon; in a garage.

He started cultivating cannabis after a friend thought it was a better time than ever, considering legalization was beginning to sweep different U.S. states.

Guzman’s garage grows didn’t start taking off until he met the master grower behind the Thin Mint Cookies strain, Jigga. Together, they co-created two of our industry’s most cherished strains, Gelato and Sunset Sherbert.

Now, Guzman’s Sherbinskis cannabis brand is not only the founder of world-famous Gelato strains, but is leaving a remarkable impact on the industry and consumers.

The Sherbinskis Impact

Photo courtesy of Sherbinskis

You know you made it when your strains start appearing in songs, shows, and movies.

We’ve heard rappers like Future, Lil Yachty, and Berner (founder of Cookies cannabis brand) rap about Sherbinskis’ prized genetics and famous strains.

Some other strains brought to you by Sherbinskis include;

  • Bacio
  • Acai Berry
  • Mochi
  • Gello
  • Pink Panties

Sherbinskis’ world-famous genetics are tried, true, and cherished by novice and seasoned users alike. Because the brand is loved by so many, it uses that as motivation to respect and improve our precious cannabis culture through new strains and genetics that top the last.

Additionally, Sherbinskis takes pride in prioritizing

  • High-quality products
  • Welcoming experiences
  • Sustainable operations

It’s safe to say that consumers are happily on board with whatever Sherbinskis launches, all thanks to the positive and trustworthy relationship the brand builds with its consumers.

There is currently one Sherbinskis dispensary in Los Angeles at 345 N. Fairfax Ave. And it’s quite the boujee dispensary too, surrounded by a lush rooftop garden and contemporary designs.

Not in Los Angeles and want to get your hands on some Sherbinskis? The brand’s products are currently available in select dispensaries across North America. You can purchase anything from premium dried flower and pre-rolls to concentrates and vape cartridges.

For more information on Sherbinskis, check out its website at

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