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Guides | 08.17.2022

The Herbalist: SpeakEasy, A Family Farming Legacy

Growing on 290 precious acres in "Canada's Napa Valley."

What started over a century ago as a family farm has recently blossomed into one of Canada’s largest cannabis operations.

SpeakEasy Cannabis was founded in 2013. Since then, it has honored the family legacy that has developed on its grounds for the past 120 years.

Located in the “Napa Valley of Canada,” also known as the “Golden Mile” in Rock Creek, British Columbia, SpeakEasy’s 290-acre facility in South Okanagan Valley sits on the Geen family farm, operating through generations for over 120 years.

Founder of SpeakEasy Cannabis, Marc Geen, is a proud 4th generation BC farmer who’s been an active member of the medical marijuana industry for over a decade.

He and the family-oriented staff at SpeakEasy take immense pride in growing within such a celebrated and ideal climate on soil with a rich family history.

Fast forward to today, SpeakEasy is now a collective of Canada’s top growers on a mission to produce the leading cannabis products worldwide.

A Family Farming Legacy

Photo courtesy of Speakeasy Growers Collective

SpeakEasy’s farm has a rich history. In a company video, founder Mark Geen explained the precious memories he has with his siblings growing up on the farm.

Geen family members have made memories like these for five generations. It wasn’t until 2013 that SpeakEasy was founded and purchased 290 acres from the family farm.

With such a legacy behind them, there’s an undeniable passion that goes into all SpeakEasy operations. Geen expressed how at the end of high school, becoming a farmer was the last thing he wanted to do.

After planting his first quarter acre, he was “hooked,” and he couldn’t imagine working elsewhere.

That same passion is what drives employees to work at SpeakEasy; they understand that the founders have their back, and even though some staff might not be direct family members, they’ll be treated as such.

Vision & Mission

Photo courtesy of Speakeasy Growers Collective

SpeakEasy is proudly one of the largest legal cannabis harvesters in Canada that produce the best quality cannabis in Western Canada’s biggest outdoor growing environment.

It also has a state-of-the-art 63,200 square-foot indoor facility. Operations aside, SpeakEasy has become recognized for its high-quality flower and pure products delivered at low costs.

And its mission is just that, to become “one of the world’s highest-quality, low-cost and best-performing cannabis producers,” reads the company’s website.

Finally, its mission remains true no matter what; to forge steady growth through

  • Quality products and development
  • Innovation
  • Adherence to family farming values
  • Commitment to the goals of employees, partners, customers, and shareholders

If you’re looking for weed grown on 290 acres of pure passion with a family farming legacy, look no further than SpeakEasy Cannabis. For more information, visit its website at

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