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The Herbalist: STIIIZY, The Number One Cannabis Brand By Volume

STIIIZY's impressive operations and relationship with the community have positioned itself as a leader in the Californian cannabis space.

California’s largest cannabis brand by volume is always up to something we can benefit from.

Whether that’s launching new products or giving back to the community, STIIIZY is making a long-lasting impact on the cannabis space while proving it’s in it for the long haul.

The award-winning California brand first made waves with its premium vaporizers like the BIIIG Batteries and LIIIL Batteries.

The demand for STIIIZY products quickly skyrocketed, leading the company to branch out with cannabis concentrates that come in roughly 20 different strains.

Now, STIIIZY sells everything under the sun. 510 Vaporizer batteries, vape pods, flower, concentrates, and even edibles. However, the brand recognizes that it wouldn’t be so successful if it weren’t for the community behind them.

A Brand That Gives Back

“Community matters. It’s what brought us here and helped build our brand,” reads STIIIZY’s website. 

Giving back to the community has become integral to STIIIZY’s daily operations. It takes immense pride in being one of the industry’s most engaged companies, helping communities have access to the highest quality flower and cannabis products. 

Impactful change is the goal for STIIIZY. The brand encourages us, entrepreneurs, and organizations to continue doing our part for a better, more equitable tomorrow. 

How is STIIIZY doing its part? The brand’s “Joint Efforts” project partners with various individuals and organizations to promote equity and balance within the industry. 

This includes the “Love Is For Real” project, honoring the legacy of Asian-American influence through stories of family-owned Asian-American businesses. Not to mention partnering with six different women-led community organizations for Women’s History Month. 

It also launched the “Shoot Your Shot” project that invites Black photographers and entrepreneurs to submit a portfolio for a chance to be featured on its social media page. 

Now that we know more about the brand’s community efforts, let’s look at its enormous and lucrative cultivation site. 

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STIIIZY's State-Of-The-Art Facility

STIIIZY’s impressive cannabis cultivation facility sits on 40,000 square feet of land with an active canopy of 15,000 square feet.

It currently has six rotating strains in production, with an extra 165 strains in a tissue culture lab for future use and launches. But there’s something about STIIIZY’s facility that’s more relaxed, peaceful, and zen than your average indoor grow. 

A constant loop of meditation music is playing throughout the facility’s speakers. And it’s not just for the employees, but to help the plants grow under less stress. 

The plants grown at the facility later make their way over to STIIIZY’s 20 storefronts throughout California. That number is expected to reach 40 by the end of 2022. 

It’s safe to say that STIIIZY is constantly expanding. When you think of a cannabis brand that cares for its plants, its products, and the people who use them, turn to STIIIZY and never look back. 

For more information about California’s leading cannabis brand by volume, check out its website at

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