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The Herbalist: Swami Select Grows Cannabis Under The Sun, Moon, & Stars

Meet the pioneers of regenerative cannabis.

Californians know the best weed in the state is grown in the Emerald Triangle. With prime growing conditions, anyone who sets up shop in the region understands how precious this climate is. 

For Swami Select, the regenerative cannabis company is taking full advantage of what the Emerald Triangle has to offer. All of its cannabis is “purposefully cultivated in native Mendocino soil,” reads its website. 

Swami Select may seem like just another brand whipping up fabulous weed in the Emerald Triangle. But the brand’s story goes far deeper than that. 

About The Founders

I don’t know about you, but I definitely trust hippie cultivators. Co-founders Nikki Lastreto and Swami Chaitanya have both experienced their fair share of 60s hippie culture. 

For Lastreto, she was born at the right place and the right time to be a flower child in the 60s in San Francisco. On the other hand, Swami calls himself an “original hippie” who moved to San Francisco in 1967. 

Both founders were avid travelers, living in places like India, South America, and Europe. We’re confident the founders have dabbled in premium cannabis along their journeys. 

It wasn’t until they launched Swami Select that Lastreto and Chaitanya began growing sustainable, lab-tested craft cannabis. With living soil and organic methods, Swami Select is the embodiment of a safe, regenerative, and premium cannabis brand. 

The Swami Mission

To coincide with its hippie background, Swami Select trademarked its Sun, Moon & Star Grown™ craft cannabis. Simply put, Swami uses outdoor grows under natural sunlight, moonlight, and starlight to grow the best weed you’ve ever tried. 

When it comes to Swami’s weed, the brand grows each crop for medicinal and inspirational use. And its small-batch operations let them focus on one cultivar at a time, ensuring it will exceed all expectations. 

Swami will select one cultivar each spring. The current cultivar in the rotation is Raspberry Parfait, a cross between Shishkaberry and Trufula Tree. 

Swami carefully selects its annual cultivars to ensure that all consumers receive a diverse cannabinoid and terpene profile once they’re ready to pack and sell in the fall. 

The brand is careful and mindful about its cultivation processes, promising to be the pioneer of regenerative cannabis. Swami’s responsible and sustainable grows have attracted conscious cannabis connoisseurs who constantly return to experience premium organic cannabis. 

Swami also advocates for other craft cannabis and small-batch growers. Both founders are active members of their community and participate in political forums that decide the fate of cultivators in the Emerald Triangle. 

Each year, Swami aims to top the last. With its careful cultivation processes and underlying passion for cannabis and hippie culture, it’s no wonder why conscious connoisseurs rave about this wholesome brand. 

For more information about Swami Select, visit its website at

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