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Guides | 01.17.2022

The Perfect Gift For Edible Lovers

2,100mg of Delta 8 THC? Sign us up!

Let’s face it, we all need a little sweetness in our life. Whether we get that from our loved ones or a tasty treat, there are all sorts of ways to sweeten these dull pandemic days.

If you know someone with a mega sweet tooth, this new gift is sure to put a smile on their face. 

Thanks to the leading Delta 8 retailer Eighty Six, finding your next gift for an edible love just got easier.

It can be challenging to choose which edible to gift someone because you might not be sure which treats they prefer (i.e., chocolates, gummies, etc.) or how high their tolerance is. 

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Worry not, Eighty Six’s newest SUGAR Delta 8 Bundle is solving those issues left and right. Made to satisfy all sweet tooths with a whole lot of SUGAR, this bundle is definitely your best bet.

What’s better than a whole box of cannabis-infused goodies? Delta 8 goodies!

From gummies and jellies to chocolate bars, savor your or your friend’s favorite edible treats with this too-good-to-be-true bundle pack.

Buyer beware; these treats are irresistible, so we won’t say a word if you choose to snag a treat before gifting the bundle. 

When you purchase the Eighty Six SUGAR Delta-8 Bundle, you’re getting 35% off buying these products individually. This sweet package comes with the following Eighty Six edibles:

If you’re big on researching a product’s lab reports, check out Eighty Six’s detailed third-party lab reports for each of their products. 

Back to the goods, the SUGAR Delta 8 Bundle comes packed with Delta 8’s renowned and therapeutic effects.

This cannabinoid is half as potent as regular Delta 9, so it’s difficult to reach an overwhelming edible high like the one you had in college.

Instead, this cannabinoid lets you take advantage of its beneficial healing properties like increased focus, awareness, positivity, and a sharper, more active mind. 

These sweet and addictive treats contain between 25 and 30 mg of Delta 8 THC, and although this cannabinoid is half as potent as Delta 9, we still suggest taking it slow before scarfing down treat after treat.

Finally, the entire bundle comes packed with a whopping 2,100 mg of Delta 8 THC. If that’s not enough to wow your edible-loving friends, then what is?

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