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Guides | 10.27.2021

These Countries Permit Recreational Cannabis

Head to these recreational-friendly countries for your next vacation.

What’s better than a vacation? A vacation to a weed and recreational-friendly country. Every day there seems to be a new country or region that loosens its laws regarding marijuana. Recently, we’ve seen Costa Rica legalize medical marijuana, as well as Puerto RicoSouth Korea, and Turkey who legalized scientific cannabis production.

Although these countries are slowly dipping their feet into the world of cannabis and its many benefits/healing properties, we’re on the hunt for countries that are pro-cannabis entirely. We know the struggle of going on vacation to a place where marijuana is illegal and having to experience a forced tolerance break. While these breaks can be good for us, we want to help stoners everywhere have a fun, safe, and weed-friendly getaway. Here is a list of countries that permit recreational cannabis use.

The Netherlands

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Interestingly, soft drug use is permitted and tolerated in The Netherlands but isn’t legal. Recreational cannabis use has been decriminalized since 1976, which is why the country is seen as a more liberal and forward-thinking nation. There are countless Dutch coffee shops that can sell up to 5 grams of soft drugs per day to guests, but it is illegal for tourists to purchase said drugs. So we encourage you to make a friend or two who can help you out.


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Back in 2013, Uruguay became the first country to legalize recreational cannabis use. According to Deputy Tourism Minister Remo Monzeglio, the legalization wasn’t to attract cannabis users to Uraguay but to keep them from purchasing cannabis from the unregulated market. Now, residents and tourists can register themselves to purchase marijuana from dispensaries.



We’ve known Jamaica to be the land of the green, often associated with reggae stars like Bob Marley. However, it took until 2015 for Jamaica to decriminalize small amounts of weed. That said, there are legal dispensaries and private residences that sell marijuana, but users can only obtain up to 50 grams of it, which is more than enough.


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Recreational cannabis use was deemed legal back in 2018. The great white north is probably one of the easier countries to buy marijuana, especially for recreational use. There are countless dispensaries almost in spitting distance, and they don’t require you to register online or make known that you’re a tourist.

Many U.S. States

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You don’t necessarily have to leave the country to go on vacation, as there are plenty of beautiful states to visit that are also safe for recreational cannabis consumption. There are currently 16 states that allow recreational use, including Colorado and Washington who’ve had weed legal for about ten years.

Honorable Mentions

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Both Georgia and South Africa legalized recreational cannabis use back in 2018 alongside Canada. Surprisingly, Georgia was able to efface criminal penalties for marijuana use while introducing legislation to allow marijuana exports in just one year. In addition, Mexico’s Supreme Court decriminalized recreational cannabis use back in March.

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