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Top 3 East Coast Cannabis Brands You Should Try

The cannabis game on the East Coast is booming with exciting brands and products for all cannabis enthusiasts. Here are the top three brands you should try. Created with Surterra Wellness.

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When thinking about legal cannabis in the United States, most people immediately think of states like California, Colorado, or Nevada. But the truth is that there is much more than just those. Florida, for example, has one of the most promising medical marijuana markets in the country, and it’s a matter of time for it to legalize recreational use as well. 

Florida is one of the early adopters of medical marijuana in the country, legalizing its use for anyone with a medical marijuana card back in 2016. Today, there are over 200 dispensaries and more than 400,000 registered patients in Florida. Florida’s medicinal cannabis market is one of the most successful ones in the country, expected to be worth billions of dollars by 2022.

There are plenty of brands that fight for market share in Florida’s blooming medicinal cannabis market. Nowadays, you can find an extensive number of brands and products designed to meet your individual needs and preferences when it comes to your cannabis consumption. We know it’s hard to keep up with all the brands and products in Florida’s market, that’s why we have made this selection of the three top brands of the East Coast that you should try.

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Surterra Wellness

Surterra Wellness is a Florida-born brand that was founded with the firm belief that wellness should be for everyone, and it made it its mission to help anyone achieve it and feel truly well and happy.  

Surterra Wellness is a brand that wants to educate, share, and make available to the public the multiple benefits of cannabis by offering the highest quality products for any consumer. Surterra Wellness is a brand that empowers people who have never tried cannabis, those who are curious, and those who are afraid of it, to enter the world of cannabis through reliable premium products made with the highest quality standards.

With an expansive product portfolio that includes vaporizers, tinctures, lotions, theragels, patches, and more, Surterra Wellness makes sure that it has a product that matches the needs and preferences of any consumer in the entire state of Florida.

Follow Surterra Wellness on Instagram and Facebook and learn more about this company that sets the standard in the East Coast’s medicinal cannabis industry.


Float is another Florida-based brand that elevates the cannabis game on the East Coast with great products and great prices. This is a brand that understands the power of cannabis and keeps it simple with its product offering: pure cannabis, superior quality, and affordable prices.

Float’s products are highly appreciated by true cannabis connoisseurs because they really stay true to the plant. As they say it, Float is about bringing the best of the bud. That’s why their products highlight the plant’s natural components and flavors and enhance the effects of its cannabinoids and terpenes.

Float’s products are made from full-spectrum cannabis and cannabis-derived terpenes. Float is a brand that offers an ample selection of products, strains, and formats designed to fit into the habits and preferences of any consumer.

Float’s products are an ideal alternative for medical cannabis patients who want high-quality accessible products that deliver the comfort they need. Float offers a connoisseur grade cannabis experience for anyone seeking powerful relief from ailments such as insomnia, pain, nausea, or inflammation.

With a portfolio that includes flower, kief, shatter, pre-rolls, soft wax, and crumble in varying presentations, strain types, and formulations, Float does have a product for every consumer, with the quality that a true connoisseur will appreciate and a price point that most can access.

Coral Reefer

The last brand on our list is this Florida inspired company that’s here to transport you to paradise with its products. Coral Reefer is inspired by the tropical islander lifestyle of Key West. The brand, established in 2019, offers top-quality cannabis wellness products designed to enhance people’s lives while preserving the Florida Keys’ chill, carefree vibes. 

Born out of sunshine, salty air, and good vibes, Coral Reefer’s mission is to transmit those feelings to people and transport them to paradise through premium, fun, and functional cannabis products.

All their products are made by combining pure cannabis oil with natural terpenes. The result is a premium product with the authentic, refreshing flavors and soothing effects of the cannabis plant. Offering precise vape oil formulations, Coral Reefer’s products are designed to fit any consumer and put paradise in their hands.

Find their vape pods or all-in-one disposable vape pens in their three THC tropical formulations: Sunset Sailing, Island Time, and Surfin in a Hurricane. Coral Reefer has a product for everyone looking for pain relief, mood improvement, and full-body relaxation. Try Coral Reefer’s products and feel in your own paradise, anywhere, anytime.

Where To Find Them

You can find any product from Surterra Wellness, Float, and Coral Reefer in any of the 39 exclusive Surterra Wellness Retail stores located throughout Florida. Click here and find the one nearest to you!

October 27, 2020 — Last Updated November 09, 2020
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October 27, 2020 — Last Updated November 09, 2020
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