The 5 best rolling papers for tasting your weed

For those who love the taste of dank.

Mar 19, 2018

Combining fruity flavors like mango or strawberry with the earthy taste of your herb can make for one sweet pick-me-up. But sometimes, it’s nice to savor the distinct flavor of your flowers, and nothing more than that. For those times, here are the five best rolling papers that actually let you taste your weed.

1. Regular RAW Rolling Papers

RAW has a reputation for making the best rolling papers, not only because their products are 100% vegan but also because they are entirely free of chlorine. Not to mention, RAW rolling papers are unbleached, non-chemically treated, and ultra-thin, letting you actually taste the weed without the added paper taste. For a box of 24 regular size RAW rolling papers, which is more than enough to last you months, all it costs is $43.99.

2. Smoking Master King Size Premium Papers

Smoking Master, who has been in the game for decades now, is another company responsible for making some of the best rolling papers around, especially for experienced herbal connoisseurs that enjoy rolling up and smoking their bud in its natural form. These ultra-thin, king size pure rice papers, in particular, are perfect for rolling authentic fatties. For just $1.29, you can get a single pack of a whopping 50 leaves. That’s fifty whole joints right there.

3. Rizla Natura

paper4 The 5 best products for outdoor smoking sessions
The 5 Best Rolling Papers. Photo courtesy of

For the best rolling papers made of hemp, try Rizla Natura rolling papers. From king to single, Rizla Natura rolling papers come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of every joint aficionado. Ideal for sparking up at the end of a grueling day, Rizla Natura rolling papers burn nice and slow, and more importantly, actually let you taste the ganja thanks to their thinness. For ten booklets, it’ll cost around $15.32, depending on where you shop.

4. TRIP2 King Size

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The 5 Best Rolling Papers. Photo courtesy of

TRIP2 King Size papers are some of the best rolling papers for three reasons: they are transparent, super thin, and no trees were killed in the process of making them. Of course, being that they are clear, rookies may have a bit of difficulty learning to roll with them. But once they master the art, there’s no going back.

Not only do you get to stare at your herb while you smoke on TRIP2 King Size rolling papers, which usually retail for a little under two bucks a pack, but you also get to relish all the unmistakable flavors and aromas of your weed.

5. Elements Artesano Rolling Papers

paper3 The 5 best products for outdoor smoking sessions
The 5 Best Rolling Papers. Photo courtesy of

Last on the list is Elements Artesano rolling papers, made entirely out of pure rice. Elements Artesano rolling papers are fully functional and come tucked neatly inside a booklet featuring close magnetic technology to keep the product fresh. Each book of Elements Artesano papers also comes with tips and a convenient tray just for rolling. Honestly, does it get any better than that?

Mar 19, 2018