What’s the difference between an acrylic and glass bong?

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Apr 27, 2018
Acrylic bongs vs. glass bongs

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Bongs come in many shapes and styles, but the most popular ones tend to be made of glass or acrylic. Each has a little something different to offer weed smokers. Both are compatible with all levels of experience blazing the herb, from first-timers to Snoop Dogg. So when comparing glass and acrylic bongs, how do you know which is best for you?

The most apparent difference between glass and acrylic bongs is that glass bongs are comprised of glass while acrylic bongs are made of a form of plastic. For the most part, glass bongs feature no additional materials. Acrylic bongs, however, often come with both a metal downstem and bowl. Design aside, acrylic and glass bongs also have different price tags. Typically, glass bongs are on the pricey side, and acrylic ones are cheap.

While both types of bongs get the job done, cannabis connoisseurs find that there is a time and place for each. Let’s take a look at the difference.

Acrylic Bongs

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Affordable and easy to use, acrylic bongs are perfect for smokers just starting out. Rather than advancing straight to glass bongs, which are prone to breaking, rookies can get a better hang at smoking ganja with a device that can withstand many mistakes. Aside from that, because acrylic bongs are more durable than glass bongs, they also are ideal for ripping on-the-go.As far as quality goes, acrylic bongs don’t just come with a cheaper price tag, but also a relatively cheap-looking design. For folks who don’t care about the appearance of their device, that’s not necessarily a big deal. But for those who want an apparatus that they can show off to their sesh mates, acrylic bongs aren’t likely to turn many heads. Acrylic bongs also don’t deliver as exceptional of smoke quality as glass bongs. The herbal taste is still good, but not nearly as fresh as glass.

All in all, acrylic bongs are excellent to use as backups. Instead of toting around a glass bong that you spent a fortune on, bringing an unbreakable acrylic bong will prevent accidents and save you money from having to replace your expensive apparatus. Acrylic bongs are also fantastic for smoking with friends. Since they are easier to clean than glass bongs, you and your stoner buddies can dirty up acrylic bongs and wash away the evidence without a hassle.

Glass Bongs

Art Glass 18.8 Ice Twist Bong Its Official: Michigan is set to vote on recreational marijuana this fall
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Glass bongs are cherished amongst the smoking community and there are a few good reasons why. Although they are highly fragile, glass bongs produce some of the best tasting smoke you’ll ever get from a device. Not to mention, they deliver smooth as butter rips, making them ideal for getting super stoned and for daily use.In addition to incredible cloud quality, glass bongs feature designs that are made to stand out. Even your ordinary straight tube, clear glass bong is sure to grab someone’s attention. That’s because glass bongs both look and feel expensive. On the downside, however, they also, for the most part, come at a higher cost than acrylic bongs. But you get what you pay for, right?

While glass bongs should never leave the house, not without taking extreme precautions anyway, they are everything when it comes to savoring fresh, flavorful hits of herb at home. Although they are tougher to clean, glass bongs are built to last a lifetime. Treat them well, and they’ll withstand thousands of wake and bakes, middle of the day tokes, and nighttime sessions.

Acrylic bongs vs. glass bongs: which should you choose?

Truthfully, smokers can benefit from having both an acrylic bong and a glass bong. On days when you have things to do or are vacationing, acrylic bongs are the best traveling companions as they don’t break. Glass bongs, however, are better for tasting your weed. Sure, glass bongs are often pricier than acrylic bongs, but both can be cost-friendly if you look out for the right deals.

So, between acrylic and glass, which makes for the better bong? At the end of the day, it all depends on what you need at that given moment. If you want a bong rip on-the-go, then an acrylic bong is the best bong for you. But if you want a hit off something with fancy features like an ice-notch or disc perc, then a glass bong is your best bet.

Apr 27, 2018