How to pick a good weed grinder

It can make all the difference.

Apr 24, 2018
How To Pick A Good Weed Grinder

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Using a good weed grinder is a necessity that saves you stress, money and your precious dry herb. A good grind makes your stash last longer and is easier on your device than trying to smoke or vape an entire nug.

Grinding increases the flower’s surface area, making for a consistently smooth and efficient burn. It also naturally separates the kief from the flower, which you can collect and cook with or sprinkle into your bowl or joint.

Grinding your weed in a good grinder should be a regular habit. After all, spending money on weed but using a crappy grinder is like buying a luxury vehicle and putting cheap gas in it. What does cheap gas do to an expensive car? It ruins it. Don’t waste perfect flowers on a crappy grinder.

If you’re searching for a new grinder, there are a few key considerations. These factors include the ease of use, durability and, of course, the size. Here’s some tips on what to look for when grinder shopping.


The Ease of Use

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It goes without saying that a good weed grinder will be easy to use. It won’t require a lot of elbow grease.

The number and size of teeth in the grinder is probably the most important contributor to the ease of use. The teeth are the sharp little pieces of the grinder that protrude from the lid and first layer. Teeth should be evenly dispersed so that regardless of where you place the nugs, all the grinds end up being the same texture. Good grinders tend to have about 50 individual teeth in a 2.5-inch diameter. The more teeth, the finer the texture of the grind will be. A finer grind is ideal because it will provide an even consistency. As a result, the cannabinoids will be extracted evenly while maintaining the aroma and flavor of the flower when it is burned or vaporized.

Along with the number of teeth, the shape of the teeth is also important. Teeth shapes are typically diamond, square or straight. Diamond-shaped teeth, as in widest in the middle and narrowest at the top and bottom, is a good style to look for. Diamond-shaped teeth ensure that the nug is sliced and then able to fall through to the next compartment of the grinder with ease.

The placement of the holes is also key to the ease of use of the grinder. These little holes are dispersed between the teeth and are what allow the finely ground herb to collect in the next chamber, ready to be smoked and vaped.

A circular hole pattern is the most ideal because it allows the greatest amount of flower to drop through. Holes of a different shape, such as oval, tend to let herb drop through without being completely ground. This inconsistency is what leads to an uneven burn.

Along with the teeth and holes, the magnets used to keep the lid of the grinder on are an important consideration. There are usually two neodymium magnets; one in the lid and one in the second piece. The magnets should be strong enough that you can toss the grinder into your backpack or purse without it spilling open. There’s no point in having magnets if they aren’t strong enough to withhold everyday bumps and jostles. On top of this, the strength of the magnets is important when you’re actually using the grinder to break up weed. The better the pieces stay together, the less work it will take to twist the grinder.


giphy Its Official: Michigan is set to vote on recreational marijuana this fall

Grinders are made from either acrylic, wood or metal. Metal grinders, either aluminum or titanium, are the most popular because they tend to be the most durable—and the best at catching kief. While they are typically pricier than plastic grinders, metal grinders can withstand the bumps and bangs that come with regular use. The quality of the grind will remain just as exquisite as the first time you used it. A good grinder will also last a lifetime. Literally, forever.


The bigger the better isn’t necessarily true when it comes to grinders. It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re an adventurer or on-the-go weed smoker, a compact grinder with one compartment will do the trick. If you’re a hardcore herb lover looking to collect kief, a three-compartment grinder is likely the best option for you.

Grinders can have anywhere from one to about five compartments. One compartment grinders are exactly what they sound like; the dry herb is placed, ground and retrieved all from the same spot. These grinders tend to be thinner in size but can be harder to clean since it’s tricky to remove all the excess herb from between the teeth.

Two compartment grinders are made up of the first compartment stacked on top of a catching chamber. Two compartment grinders have teeth on the upper level with holes that allow the weed to fall through to the bottom. This kind of grinder is a little bit thicker but still convenient for bringing with you. They’re also easier to clean than one compartment grinders since the weed collects in a separate catcher and doesn’t get caught between the teeth.

Three compartment herb grinders are a level up from two compartment grinders because they feature a kief collector on the very bottom layer. Separated by a fine screen, this basement-like compartment collects all the pollen that naturally separates from the flower when it’s ground. These grinders tend to be more expensive, but for good reason as they catch kief for you. This kief can be used in a variety of wonderful ways to enhance your smoking experience.

Apr 24, 2018