6 Creative Ways You Can Hide Weed On Your Body

Sometimes, you just need to find a safe place to keep your herb. Who says this place can’t be your body? Here’s a few places to hide weed you need to know.

Jul 31, 2016

Looking for a good place to stash your herb? Walking around with some fresh bud can make some folks a little uncomfortable. To help you out, here are seven creative ways to hide weed on your body. Not all of these tips will be comfortable. But, if they get the job done… 

1. Keep it under your hat (literally)

7 Creative Ways To Hide Weed 1 Cannabis And Sex: How Much Do You Really Know?
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Have a baseball cap? What about any other hat with a rim? The inner rim is a great place to stash some ground herb. Put some in a thin baggie and carefully place it along the inner edge of the rim. This part will be sewn shut in some hats, but you can easily unravel a small section to make a little weed pocket.

Obviously, you can’t store a ton of cannabis here. But, you can manage to keep enough ground herb to fill a bowl or a joint. If your hat is loose enough, you might even be able to fit a joint in there.

2. Arch of foot

7 Creative Ways To Hide Weed 2 1 Cannabis And Sex: How Much Do You Really Know?
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This option is best when you’re wearing some thick socks. You can easily place a decent sized bag of ground cannabis in the arch of your foot while you’re walking. Depending on how comfortable you are and the height of your arches, you might be able to fit a nug or two in there instead. The downfall is that the more you traumatize the herb by walking on it, the more you break it down.

3. Nature’s pocket

Ok, ladies. This one has been joked for a while. But, hey. If your willing to go that far, it definitely works. To quote some Broad City wisdom,

I don’t know what to tell you. It’s in a bag. And, you know the vagina is nature’s pocket. It’s natural and it’s responsible. – Ilana

4. Unopened cigarette pack

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For those who want to get a little bit crafty, the cigarette-pack trick is a nice option. The key is that the pack has to look unopened. Use a razor blade or an Exacto knife, open up the bottom of the plastic wrap. Carefully slide the wrapping off. You can either replace some of the cigs with some joints. You then have to carefully slide the plastic back on and reseal with some clear rubber cement.

5. Hide weed in your hair

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This one is for all of the long-haired ladies out there (and dudes too). Hair is the perfect place to hide a decent amount of weed. Make sure your herb is adequately covered, and wrap your hair around it in a messy bun. Secure with extra hair ties if needed. Of course, you’ll want to do a shake test or two to make sure that your precious goods won’t pop out while you’re out and about.

6. Bandage

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This is another tricky way to hide just enough ground cannabis for a bowl or a joint. The trick is to keep the cannabis flat. Use either a wrapped bandage or a large stick-on to cover a small baggie of herb. Obviously, you’ll want to use a baggie that fits comfortably under the bandage.

For wrapped bandages, you can probably get away with something about two inches wide. For stick-ons, you’ll want something smaller. Make sure your bandage is opaque.

Someday in the pleasant future, people won’t feel like they need to hide their weed. However, these are great options if you’re feeling a little insecure. As a word of caution, none of these tricks should be used to get on a plane. They’re definitely not dog-proof by any means.

Are we missing any creative places to hide weed? Share your favorites with us on social media or in the comments below.

Jul 31, 2016