What Is A Roachinator And How To Make One

Let’s take a look at how a Roachinator works and how you can make one at home in just a few minutes.

Dec 1, 2015
how to make a roachinator

If you are a joint or blunt roller, you know that after just one month of discarding roaches, you have probably thrown away at least an 8th of herb.

We are always looking for ways to help you conserve your precious herb – the “Roachinator” is the latest DIY device to help you burn through every last bit of your joint or blunt. Let’s take a look at how it works and how you can make one at home in just a few minutes.

Smokers tend to shy away from the end of a joint or blunt because either it gets too hot, too sticky, or simply because roaches often taste pretty bad. Sometimes we just have no choice but to smoke those little roaches. Maybe you ran out of weed, maybe you don’t want to waste, or maybe you just like the challenge of smoking till there is nothing left—regardless, smoking roaches can be a pain in the ass.

To assist your roach smoking efforts, we suggest you try making a “Roachinator”. The name makes the device sound like a robotic cockroach, but it is really just an empty bottle with a small hole in it.

Here is how to make the “Roachinator”

1. Get an empty bottle – water bottles are probably best, their size is easy to manage.

2. Be sure the bottle is empty and pretty much dry

3. Take a look at your roach. Pay attention to the size of the end you are smoking.

4. Take the bottle and a lighter in your hands. Use the lighter to melt a small area on toward the bottom of the bottle.

roachinator burn Could Weed Be In Liquor Stores Soon?

5 . Quickly make a hole in the bottle where you melt it. I found that using the top of a pen will make a perfect hole and it keeps your fingers safe.

roachinator hole Could Weed Be In Liquor Stores Soon?

6. Now insert your roach into the hole you made.

7. Light that thing up and smoke through the mouthpiece of the bottle.

roachinator in use Could Weed Be In Liquor Stores Soon?

Now you’ve got yourself the perfect roach buster—the Roachinator.

The only thing you will want to be conscious of when smoking your roaches through a plastic bottle is the possibility that the roach will become a mini-roach and begin to burn into the bottle. At this point you risk inhaling some of the plastic chemicals that the mini-roach is burning – obviously you need to stop!

Yes, there are plenty of professionally manufactured roach clips out there that you can purchase, but in a jam the Roachinator will suffice. There is a chance that smoking out of some plastic bottles can be dangerous for your health, so use this method sparingly and try to be sure you don’t inhale melted plastic.

Another tip – often times your roaches will fit snugly in your bowl or bong, allowing you to turn that entire thing into smoke.

What methods do you use to smoke your roaches? Let us know on social media.


Dec 1, 2015