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Papers and Cones SamplerBlazy Susan

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Meet Blazy Susan’s best selling kit. This papers and cones sampler has a taste of every paper that Blazy has to offer, featuring their trademark cute pink color. With this kit, you’ll have endless possibilities to roll up. Whichever you choose, it’s gonna be a pink, slow-burning premium joint only possible with Blazy Susan papers. This sampler includes:

  • One pack of standard 1 1/4 papers
  • One pack of king size slim papers
  • One 6-pack of pre-rolled cones

Blazy Susan rolling papers are vegan, non-GMO, dyed with organic pink pigments, and come in beautifully designed pink packaging. Get this kit and add some pink to your smoking sessions. Your pink joints will get everyone’s attention for their color and their quality.

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