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Signature BoxHerbal Goods Co.

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Meticulously hand-rolled and hand-tied without the use of additives, tobacco, bleach, glues, or toxins. Fill Herbal Goods cones with your favorite herb and experience what has been regarded as the smoothest smoke you’ll ever experience from a pre-rolled cone. Herbal Goods wraps are:

  • Machine, pesticide & monoculture-free harvested.
  • Cured to perfection in open ember ovens
  • Hand-tied with natural cotton string
  • Airtight seal keeps fresh for up to 24 months

Each Herbal Goods Signature Box includes 5 HGC Pre-rolled cones. Each pre-roll is individually housed in an airtight, smell-resistant, flat bottomed glass vial for easy portability even after you fill them.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto