The Invincipole is an anodized aluminum stem that is engineered to fit in most glassware smoking devices. The Invincipole uses telescoping technology that allows it to fit almost any 18mm bong and fits any length between 3 to 5 ¾ inches. And even if you don’t know the length of your downstem, simply adjust the Invincipole by expanding or contracting it until it fits in perfectly. The Invicipole features:

  • Multiple holed percolator for added filtration
  • Stainless steel screen
  • Sealed and directed air path

The Invincipole delivers a cleaner, tastier smoke that’s gonna take your smoking experience to the next level. Find it in any of its in five dynamic colors that you can match and fit to your personality.

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A company that develops innovative, ground-breaking products for all cannabis users. Invincibowl is about challenging the status quo and creating the highest quality devices that will turn into must-haves for cannabis users. All Invincible products are engineered by experts to be compatible with most glass smoking devices, to be practically unbreakable, and extremely easy to use.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto