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Looking for something traditional and trendsetting? Well, you’re in Luck! This three-piece set is the epitome of simple chic, and it’s ready for your cannabis routine. Luck is a stylish My Bud Vase® combination of a matching blue and white porcelain vase, stash container, and coaster. Included with your Luck:

  • Luck Vase: 10.25 x 5.25 inches 
  • Luck Stash Jar: 3 x 1.75 inches 
  • Luck Coaster: 4 inches 
  • Luck Custom Slide: 9 millimeter 2.5” small clear bubble bowl 
  • Fixed Downstem 
  • Fern leaf stem flower poker & small white flowers 
  • My Bud Vase tag & Certificate of Authenticity

She also comes with a clear bubble bowl, fern leaf stem poker, and small white flowers. This Luck will always be on your side.

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