XVAPEStarry 3.0

The Starry is one of the best value for price vaporizers in the market. It has everything you want out of a vape: design, portability, and fantastic functionality at an amazing cost. With a body made of anodized aluminum and a ceramic zirconia mouthpiece, the Starry guarantees sturdiness and durability. It’s ceramic chamber and conduction heating deliver smooth, flavorful vapor and easy draws every single time. The Starry also features:

  • Temperature range: 212 to 464°F
  • Haptic feedback technology
  • Replaceable battery

Customize your temperature to the exact degree using the Starry’s intuitive controls and digital OLED screen. It will take only 25 seconds for it to heat up. If you want to mix it up, use your Starry with your water pipe or bubbler, just use its adapters and it’s good to go. This pocket-size device features all the characteristics of a premium vaporizer at half the cost. 

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Founded by two vape industry engineers, XVAPE’s mission is to provide the highest quality portable vaporizers that stand out for their power, efficiency, convenience, and design, all of it, at an affordable price. XVAPE is now a globally recognized brand that pushes the boundaries of the vaporizer industry with innovative, cost-effective, premium devices. Today, XVAPE continues to bring the best vaporizers, made with premium materials, optimized for the best user experience, and with beautiful, stylish designs. With XVAPE, you’ll find a product perfect for you, a product that will have the industry’s highest quality and performance standards at an excellent price. 

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto