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Vista Mini 2XVAPE

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The XVAPE Vista Mini 2 has everything you want in an e-rig: performance, quality, and design. This compact, beautifully-designed device brings together premium materials and the latest technology. The Vista Mini 2 stands out at first glance for its stylish, eye-catching design and small size. The Mini Vista 2 features:

  • Four heat setting optimized for any concentrate or oil
  • Wireless charging and haptic feedback
  • An impact-resistant, smell-proof carrying case

With water diffusion, a detachable glass bubbler, a removable flared mouthpiece, and a revolutionary crystal quartz atomizer, all sealed with silicone, the Vista Mini 2 delivers the smoothest and most flavorful hits possible. It’s a very portable, lightweight device that you can leave anywhere around your house and carry around.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto