AltaVie by MedReleafDelahaze – 30 Softgels

Just like the Delahaze (aka Luminarium) we all know and love, but in a slightly more incognito design. These softgels are an awesome way to consume cannabis and get long lasting effects throughout the day that also offers a discreet and convenient consumption experience.

Delahaze is a sativa prominent cultivar that features a high-THC profile and a rich terpene index that creates tropical odours of manos with underlined herbal and floral notes. Much of the flavour properties don’t apply to this product as the softgel is ingested orally.

Each softgel contains 4 – 6 mg/ml of premium cannabis concentrate derived from the Delahaze variety. Users report effects that focus on overall calmness and create feelings of happiness.


4-6 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

AltaVie by MedReleaf

What if you could breathe in a new perspective on the world? Passionate about mindful living, AltaVie by MedReleaf invites you to expand your horizons and dive into a new mindset. It’s time to slow down, think deep, and discover the present moment with AltaVie craft cannabis flower. After all, there’s no time like right now.

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