AltaVie by MedReleafNorth Star CBD (Capsules)

A super star choice for CBD, North Star by AltaVie is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy some of cannabis’s benefits without the psychoactive effects. Do you fancy a new, discreet and simpler way in consuming cannabis? These capsules are easy to consume, just eat and go!

Higher in CBD with a content of 20mg and lower in THC at 1.5mg per capsule, these capsules are a great choice for new users. CBD has mood enhancing, relaxing, energising, and focusing effects all without causing the sleepy effects from THC. Keeping you uplifted, ubeat, and sharp minded, they’re for great to consume any time of day. So reach for the stars, get up and power through your day!


1.5 mg
20 mg


Full Body
1 hour

AltaVie by MedReleaf

What if you could breathe in a new perspective on the world? Passionate about mindful living, AltaVie by MedReleaf invites you to expand your horizons and dive into a new mindset. It’s time to slow down, think deep, and discover the present moment with AltaVie craft cannabis flower. After all, there’s no time like right now.

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