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Pineapple Orange Soft ChewsForay

Sweet and tangy to taste, these soft chews are a different and flavourful way of consuming cannabis minus the grassy aftertaste. Foray soft chews are available in a 2 pack making it easy to pop into your bag or pocket for on the go use. These delicious chews are designed by the former head of Canada’s Smartest Kitchen, and each chew is tested to ensure high quality and consistent dosage. Vegan, gluten free, and made with traceable ingredients, Foray soft chews are pristine on quality as well as taste.

Each pack contains 10mg of CBD and less than 0.5mg of THC giving you all the many beneficial effects of cannabis without the hardcore THC high. Take your cannabis consumption to the next level and indulge your taste buds in the sweet tropical flavours. Ideal for tactful consumption with mellow effects, this blend is perfect for those beginning cannabis consumption.

Ingredients: Sugars (Sucrose, Glucose), Water, Glycerin, Pectin, Natural Flavour, Citric Acid, Cannabis Distillate, Malic Acid, Natural Colour, Sunflower Lecithin, Medium Chain Triglycerides.


10 mg
0.5 mg


Full Body
1 hour

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto