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Sativa tips are comprised of the finest, resin-coated sativa-dominant trim from the well known starin, Galiano (Northern Lights Haze). These sativa-dominant tips, unlike regular bud, is a high quality cured trim blend that offers slightly lower THC levels at an affordable price. Tips are an amazing option for adding to baking or making extracts from for exactly this reason.

Northern Lights Haze, as a strain, was originally bred to improve upon Haze’s flowering time and bud structure. It’s an uplifting strain with an uplifting and invigorating citrus aroma highlighted with notes of deep, pungent spice. This 70% sativa delivers an invigorating cerebral buzz that seems to boost sensory awareness that makes it perfect for daytime use.


13.5 %
0.03 %


Full Body
1 hour


Ever heard of cannabis being 100% greenhouse grown? Well, meet Aphria Inc. who are ‘Powered by sunlight.’ They have an unrelenting commitment to the environment and pay close attention to the quality of their product. With a whopping 509-step quality management program, they really do go above and beyond the norm.

  • 100% greenhouse grown for better crop quality.
  • Safe, accurate and consistent cannabis products make them a trustworthy brand.

Only when the product has been through hundreds and hundreds — really, it’s no exaggeration — of steps will it land in your pretty palm. After all, we all deserve clean, safe cannabis with no exceptions. From dried flower to cannabis oils, Aphria Inc proudly name their products after Canadian lakes — another nod to the beauty of nature. It truly is quality over quantity with Aphria Inc.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto