Broken CoastSavary (Pink Kush)

This is a very balanced strain which produces an enjoyable, stable high, which has previously successfully won top Indica strain in the 2006 Cannabis Cup. This hybrid plant is Indica-dominant, consisting of roughly 70% Indica plant to 30% Sativa.

Savary (Pink Kush) is a potent, strong high which also manages to deliver great taste and aroma – one of the reasons this strain has gained so much popularity amongst connoisseurs.

This strain showcases heavy compact buds, with a memorable purple/violet appearance caused by sprouting calyxes. The potency of this weed derives from its dense trichome composition.

The typical content of THC for this strain is roughly 19% – 25% which is very high potency and should be consumed by intermediate to seasoned users.


19-25 %
1 %


Full Body
1 hour

Broken Coast

On the shores of the Salish Sea, small-batch craft cannabis is grown with the utmost care by Broken Coast. Cultivated in a controlled indoor facility, Broken Coast has a long-standing reputation for dependable and consistent products. Each flower is hand-trimmed and slow-cured—every herbivore’s dream, surely.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto