Haven St.No. 205 Beach Hammock

Hybrid strain with a harmonious balance of cannabinoids which create a smooth and soothing experience, relieving you from stress and inducing a re-focused mentality. When the beach is nowhere to be found and all you want to do is swing in a hammock to hear the waves crash this is the best alternative available. No. 205 Beach Hammock will leave you sedated with minimal cerebral effect allowing you to relax and unwind, minus the gentle swinging.

You’re always walking distance from the beach with this THC and CBD carrying hybrid cultivar, featuring a potency potential of 4% – 9% THC and 8% – 12% CBD. Sweet floral aromas will engulf you, with sudden hints of a lush forest and organic undertones. You can acquire this beach holiday in quantities of 3.5 grams per container.


4-9 %
8-12 %


Full Body
1 hour

Haven St.

Haven St. is a premium cannabis brand inspired by a neighborhood that invites exploration and new experiences. Haven St. harvests exceedingly high-quality cannabis in a variety of strains targetting different experiences.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto