Tweed Herringbone Cannabis
Tweed Herringbone Cannabis
Tweed Herringbone Cannabis
Tweed Herringbone Cannabis
Tweed Herringbone Cannabis
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Herringbone might immediately bring to mind fabric or fish, but it can now be associated with a great strain of cannabis from Tweed, hailing from Canada! This hybrid strain is a great mix of both sativa and indica characteristics and has a wide ranging THC potential that spans between 15% and 25% with minimal amounts of CBD.

Herringbone presents users with compact, chunky buds that are typically highlighted with a purple or vivid green hue. The dominant terpene present is caryophyllene, which gives off aromas of spicy cloves – like a warm winter drink. Tweed’s mysterious genetic crossings have resulted in an evenly-balanced hybrid that is perfect for daytime use.

Great for experienced users or beginners, Herringbone’s high is permeated with an overall sense of well-being that’s sometimes hard to describe. Relaxation and a bit of energy are simultaneously present, and you’re sure to feel the best sides of both indica and sativa. So get that burst of creative energy you need while you remain calm, cool, and collected throughout it all.


15-25 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

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