Up Meridian Cannabis
Up Meridian Cannabis
Up Meridian Cannabis
Up Meridian Cannabis
Up Meridian Cannabis

Up Cannabis Inc.Meridian

Meridian holds a special place in the Up Cannabis Inc. collection as it contains high levels of the cannabinoid THC. Grown and cultivated indoors at Centuries Ahead Studio, the flower has the potential to send you to the moon and back in terms of flavour and potency.

This cultivar features quite large and flaky buds which fluff out as they grow. They are quite fluorescent, displaying a bright green color and apricot orange pistils, ghently dusted by resinouse trichomes.

When speaking of powerful and fragrant buds, this variety strain certainly has a lot to offer in regards to those departments. Meridian has a total THC potency potential of 17% – 28% and an enriched terpene profile including Terpinolene, Limonene, and Beta-Pinene which creates a concoction of bitter and sour aromas interlaced with hints of natural sweetness.


17-28 %
0-0.1 %


Full Body
1 hour

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Up Cannabis Inc. is a true Canadian cannabis company. With legalization, all eyes are on Canada. Up Cannabis is committed to growing the best quality cannabis products while upholding Canadian values. Find flower, oils, and plenty of swag from up.

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