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Lonwoods Leaf is a variety grown and cultivated by Vertical. It boasts beautiful frosty buds with dense and frequent orange pistil strands and an exceptional amount of trichomes which completely engulf the floret. The bud itself is an olive green but it’s almost invisible due to the heavy layer of trichomes covering the calyxes and sugar leaves.

This hybrid is derived from a lineage of indica-dominant strains giving it some related properties and terpene profile composition. This variety showcases pungent sour aromatics with subtle hints of berry making an appearance now and then. The potency can vary between 11% – 20% THC depending on the harvesting, trimming and curation process – but don’t be fooled by the mid range potency as this variety has the power to glue you to your couch.


11-20 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

Vertical Cannabis

Soar to new heights with Vertical Cannabis. A true Canadian brand, Vertical likes to relish in the experience of pioneering a brave new north. With every high-quality flower, Verticle invites you to enjoy the climb.

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