Aurora DriftVape Cartridge Sativa Blend

No mess, no fuss with Aurora Drift’s Sativa blend vape cartridge, just twist and go! This cartridge delivers the ultimate Sativa hit, for those thrill seekers looking for an uplifting and energetic buzz! These vapes are also a great way of discreetly consuming cannabis with a smoother burn than regular smoking.

This pull activated disposable vaporizer pen contains 150mg of Sativa dominant, 100% Aurora grown, terpene rich cannabis derived resin. With pre-set mid range heat level this is sure to send you on a smoother more pleasant journey. Abundant in naturally occurring terpenes giving you a nice mix of spicy, woody, sweet and musky flavours. A treat to the senses this will have you taking a trip through fruity orchards and woody forests.

Happy, focused, and energetic are effects you can expect to feel due to the high Sativa content with a high THC potency at 65-75%. Get your Saturday night vibes on and keep the party going with this vape!


66-75 mg/ml
0-1 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour

Aurora Drift

Inspired by technology and nature, Aurora Drift is looking into the future of cannabis. Offering a selection of vaporizers and edibles, their products are suited to the discreet, on-the-go user. Their disposable vapes are particularly good for first-timers.

  • Available in edibles and vaporizers for subtleness.
  • Great for beginners.

Since they’re non-rechargeable, there’s no need to worry about dragging along a battery-pack, simply puff and go. Aurora Drift also tempts you to follow your taste with a variety of edibles that come in gummies, mints, chocolate squares, and soft-baked chocolate cookies — mmm. Whatever your taste, drift off to your heart’s content.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto