Irisa Moon Cannabis Oil
Irisa Moon Cannabis Oil
Irisa Moon Cannabis Oil
Irisa Moon Cannabis Oil
Irisa Moon Cannabis Oil

IrisaMoon 5:1 Oil

Want to go to the moon and back again? Moon 5:1 oil is the perfect way to light up your night! Blended with the finest natural MCT oil, this product contains no additives and is carefully crafted with a THC content of 4.5-5.5mg/ml and CBD 0.5-2 mg/ml.

Designed for users to achieve a relaxed body and mind, apply on aches throughout the body to help relax muscles. Be as discreet as you want and enjoy a smoke free way of gaining all the benefits THC and CBD have to offer.

This oil is so soothing that it’s also great for helping you drift off to sleep and for letting go of the day’s worries. Users can expect herbal and earthy scents from this natural product – helping in calming the mind and creating the most blissful moment.


4.5-5.5 mg/ml
0.5-2 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour


Irisa is committed to creating cannabis products that can be seamlessly integrated into wellness routines. By designing products to suit specific areas of life, Irisa optimizes self-care journeys. All cannabis products are created indoors to ensure every product will be consistent and every experience will be predictable

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto