Irisa Stars Cannabis Oil
Irisa Stars Cannabis Oil
Irisa Stars Cannabis Oil
Irisa Stars Cannabis Oil
Irisa Stars Cannabis Oil

IrisaStars 4:3 30ml Oil

Produced by Irisa using pure additive free coconut oil, this oil displays a mid THC potency at 4mg/ml and CBD content of 3mg/ml. One dosage is 1ml (1 droper), providing all of the benefits from THC minus the smoke, no smell and easily applied!

So add a sparkle to your day/night with Irisa Stars, this mild hybrid oil is great for attaining an uplifting, happy, and calm state. Recommended for winding down after a hard day, this oil will get you there every time.

Scents are described as both herbal and sweet, so taste remains very mild, making it great for socialising. It offers the perfect low dose ratio of THC to CBD which would be a good choice for new users.


4 mg/ml
3 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour


Irisa is committed to creating cannabis products that can be seamlessly integrated into wellness routines. By designing products to suit specific areas of life, Irisa optimizes self-care journeys. All cannabis products are created indoors to ensure every product will be consistent and every experience will be predictable

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto