KiwiOil Rich (ACDC / Type 14)

By carefully extracting the cannabis concentrate of two CBD-high strains, ACDC and Type 14, Kiwi have been able to create a hybrid CBD oil that has only trace amounts of THC and high amounts of everyone’s favorite wellness supplement, CBD. Blending MCT oil (a coconut derived oil that helps CBD easily absorb into the system) with cannabis extract from hybrid strains, this CBD rich oil has low-to-no THC with only 0-3mg/ml and an impressive 15-30mg/ml CBD.

This CBD oil is easy to dose, easy to use, and entirely non-descript. Take it with you on whatever adventures your day takes you on and place a few drops under your tongue once or twice throughout. So sit back, relax, and let CBD gradually build up in your system for best results. Take in the therapeutic benefits for yourself and see what everyone else is talking about!


0-3 mg/ml
15-30 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour


Whether kiwi’s are your favorite fruit or not, this type of Kiwi is a totally different experience. By making cannabis accessible and enjoyable for all, this brand understands user needs. That’s why their team of experts has curated a variety of sizes, flavors, and shapes of buds. Staying true to their name, Kiwi’s bud has a citrus and herbal scent, with a delightfully fruity taste.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto