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Level 15:15Namaste

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Reach that perfect level with Namaste’s 1:1 level spray! At a ratio of 15:15, expect the most perfect balance with a 15mg/ml of THC and 15mg/ml of CBD. Made with the most pure and finest ingredients, the bottle includes both cannabinoids, and is mixed with MCT (Medium chain Triglyceride) oil, a derivative of coconut oil. This delivers users the most natural and additive free product.

Level 15:15 is the best way to consume cannabis through a smoke-free and vape-free way. Easy to carry around and even easier to apply, just spray and go! This strain is great for mellowing out and relaxing – the oil comes with a sweet and earthy scent that’s an all-round winner to us!


15 mg/ml
15 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto