RIFF THC Cannabis Spray
RIFF THC Cannabis Spray
RIFF THC Cannabis Spray
RIFF THC Cannabis Spray
RIFF THC Cannabis Sray
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THC SprayRIFF Cannabis

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Take the great effects of cannabis and make them incredibly easy and convenient (and a great smoking alternative) – what do you get? RIFF’s oral THC Spray, that’s what. Greenhouse-grown and extracted in Leamington, ON, RIFF’s THC Spray is absolutely the most discreet way to get your THC fix – no one will ever know!

With a concentrated THC potency, this spray is as strong as it is discreet. With 30mg of THC and .5mg of CBD, it could prove quite easy to get ahead of yourself, so approach with caution and wisdom. This spray even freshens your breath while providing you with all the goodness of THC oil.

An automatic mood booster, get lifted on-the-go with this perfectly dosed spray. RIFF’s well-balanced formulation consists of cannabis extract and an MCT base (a coconut derived carrier oil that helps the THC oil to be absorbed efficiently into the system).


30 mg/ml
0.5 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto